Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Murderer on the Loose in Philly!

Very nice. As we privatize more and more services things like this can't help but happen. My questions is, what are the qualifications of the people transporting him? I am reasonably sure that being private agents they are not authorized to go armed on the aircraft unlike a public servant who is authorized to fly armed. This guy is a convicted murderer, not a traffic offender or something silly like that, he's a serious felon who should have had serious security on him. Kudo's to the state of DE on trying to save money by cutting costs where it shouldn't!

A man sentenced to a life term in Delaware is at large after his escape at Philadelphia International Airport.
The Delaware Department of Correction says 43-year-old Tarriq Ali, also known as Wendell Husser, was being transported from California back to Delaware by a private prisoner transportation service when he escaped.

The department says the escape happened about midnight Friday but department officials weren't informed until Sunday.

A company called Prisoner Transport Services of America had been hired by the state to return Ali to Delaware.

Ali was convicted of attempted murder in Delaware in 1995, but was sent to California under a prisoner exchange agreement.

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