Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heading Home

We are heading out shortly to return home. We accomplished much and made some great friends. It is with a heavy heart that we return though as it looks like Ike may head this way. Rest assured though there are thousands of other guardsmen waiting to come to the aid of anywhere that Ike comes. I have seen a tremendous outpouring of support down here and it is awesome. This is what we do, we help each other out in a time of need. The national guard (both Army & Air) are fully prepared and fully able to provide any support necessary for whatever disaster, natural or otherwise that hits this country.

Tommorroy is 9/11 and I will be traveling home. Please take a moment to remember those who gave their lives on the fateful day and all those who have given their lives since. Also to all those deployed you are in our prayers. So tommorrow raise a glass to "Absent Companions", drain your glass and put it upside down on the bar.

Check Out - Blackfive for more info on this toast.

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