Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Larry Mendte is a Felon!

As far as I am concerned what Larry Mendte committed several serious felonies and should be locked up for a long time. The current prediction is that he will cop a plea and get 0 to 6 months of federal time. That is a total bunch of crap. He didn't just peek at Alycia Lane's mail, he plotted to do it and installed a program to capture her every key stroke on her computer at the TV station. He then used her stolen (yes stolen) information to read her e-mails, her private e-mails constantly, as many as 11 times a day, which is probably more than Alycia was reading her own mail. What he did was not a minor crime it was serious and it was stalking. He should pay by doing some serious time and the Fed's should use this to send a clear message that in the age of cyberspace that this type of behavior is a serious crime. I say 3 to 5 for old Larry.

Also Channel 3 bears some serious responsibility, as some may know my profession is computer security and to have a lack of administrative controls on their systems is not just stupid it's negligent. Yes this was a sophisticated hardware keylogger the same type used by the FBI but good security practices should have caught this device quickly as any device connected has to interface with the operating system and can be detected, especially with by a company that can pay it's news anchors over 700K a year to read a TV screen and look pretty! So I am sure that Larry will pay dearly in the civil suit as will CBS & Channel 3. With a yearly salary of 780K a year on the line in a civil suit along with a major rising star news anchor's reputation I am sure they can pay for some serious expert witnesses to come into court and show just how neglient the TV station was with their lack of computer security. Plus if I was a source for anyone at that station I'd be dropping out of site quickly knowing that their information was so insecure.

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