Sunday, June 15, 2008

TSA gets badges

This article cracks me up. Airport cops are upset because the TSA folks will now get badges and blue cop type shirts!

OK, the whole reason they created TSA after 911 is because the contract guys who were doing airport screening were getting paid crap money and couldn't care less about the job. So we created a federal agency that pays folks crap money and most could care less about the job, the only difference is that now these folks have federal benefits and a retirement plan. We still have not solved the issue at hand we have only federalized a bunch of people who aren't much more qualified to do the job then the people you order a Big Mac from. Yes there are some high quality people who do a great job for TSA; but by and large they are minimum wage idiots. If you pay people 23K a year to do a job that requires attention to detail, customer service skills which only a saint can have, and a high stress enviroment you will not get quality people. If on the other had we did like Israel and other countries and paid these folks a good wage and gave them training and law enforcement powers then we would go a long way toward getting better quality screening and toward making us all much safer.
Right now these folks can only tell you to stop or ask you to comply but if they had arrest powers and the first person who pushed one of them was taken to the ground and cuffed then maybe they'd get more respect and would in turn do a better job.

This link is interesting. I quote the site with this;

Criminal Background Checks
FAR 108.33(c)(5) does not require criminal records checks for every screener applicant, only for those applicants who have specific deficiencies in their employment history, if there are other deficiencies in the application, or if the air carrier finds out that the applicant may have been convicted of certain kinds of crimes. The required criminal records check is with the FBI, but the regulations do not say anything about records checks from other countries.

How the hell can you not require a criminal background for these folks. In Delaware & PA and probably most other states in order to hire a security officer to guard a construction site he or she most undergo a criminal background check, in order to work at any federal facility a contractor most pass a local agency files check. But, as long as you have a stable employment history TSA will hire you to protect the public from terrorists boarding aircraft or putting bombs in luggage.

Well enough of my rant, have a great week!

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