Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fuel or Food

Yesterday my local paper had the headline Fuel or Food! I guess it really has come to that as gas prices climb toward $4 a gallon here. Last night I paid $3.55 a gallon which is crazy. I am not sure how people will continue to live with the current economy. The price of oil drives up transportation costs which in turn drive up food costs, even ground beef is going for $2.49 a pound on sale and that's for the fatty stuff. Most meat is over $3.00 a lb and even fruit is over the top. The only thing that hasn't gone up by a large amount over the last year is peoples pay checks!

The price of electricity is expected to steadily rise as we enter summer and everyone uses their air conditioning. The cost of heating oil is over $3.50 a gallon which means to fill my 2 tanks which if I keep the house at 60 to 62 all day and all night might last me most of the winter will cost me nearly 2 grand! The government will give us various a "free" check but that will be a drop in the bucket! I don't do bad salary wise but really wonder how far it will continue to stretch as the cost of everything climbs higher and higher. Where will it all end?

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