Monday, March 24, 2008

Latest News from the Homefront

So Sunday morning I come home from my Part-Time gig and find that someone had driven through my front yard and destroyed my address post. I was unhappy to say the least and figured it was some idiot drunk since we live on a major roadway. So I called a friend of mine who's a police officer in a neighboring township to see if they busted any drunks. Well it turns out there is a bit more to the story, apparently there was a police chase and it came through my yard! Never a dull moment.

In other the head of our local 911 center is considering his career options after his 49 year old wife was arrested last week in a crackdown on "Escort" services in Philadelphia. This man is a retired Air Force Colonel so I am sure he is making enough to make ends meet but I guess his wife needed her own job. I personnally think prositution should just be legalized and taxed but I cannot imagine the embarresment of having your wife's name in the paper as an escort.

In personal news Vicki is now a diabetic, no insulin but checking her sugar regularly and just perscribed a pill to take to help her liver process the sugar better. The only good thing is the local hospital has a 3 night class for diabetics which we are taking. It seems that everyone in there was pre-diabetic for a while before being a full out diabetic which make me wonder why the insurance companies won't pay for classes like this while people are still in the pre-diabetic stage and head it off before it becomes an issue of medicine etc! The same goes for smoking, they offer nothing to stop smoking, instead Blue Cross has a health coach who calls constantly to chat even though we have nothing we need from them. They have sent us 3 magnets so far and then on Sat offered to send another one and a letter explaining the program. I had to tell the nice lady that we knew all about it and didn't need any more magnets! It's no wonder health care has become unaffordable for many because the system focuses on caring for people after they are ill instead of preventing the illness in the first place. I am sure if everyone in the class had been given the oppurtunity to take the class before becoming a diabetic 90% of them would have jumped at it and maybe 2 or 3 wouldn't be there right now.

Ohh well, if anyone is still reading my blog please let me know!

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