Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Philly Get's 10 Million While MLS Gets 47 Million?

        In a city where violent crime is a serious problem and 392 people were murdered in 2007 our wonderful Governor is sending in reinforcements in the form of $10 million to hire more police officers. This is a great thing and maybe they can start taking back the streets. The sad thing though, is that the very same Governor is spending $47 million to help fund a Major League Soccer stadium in nearby Chester PA. A city which has seen blight and urban decay for many years. The hope is that along with Harrah's the new stadium will bring economic growth to this area and stimulate some sort of change in the way people see their city. Haa! Real funny. One has to only look farther east to the Jersey shore to see how this won't happen. Most of Atlantic City is a cesspool of crime, violence, and poverty. The big money the state sees from taxes on the casino's bypasses Atlantic City and goes straight to Trenton, the same way the money from Harrah's bypasses Chester and goes right to Harrisburg.

        This new stadium will not help the people who need it in Chester, sure there will be some construction jobs, but it won't be small operations who employ the locals it will be huge mega builders. They and their sub contractors will hire some of the locals for laborer positions and other non-skilled or semi-skilled positions but those positions won't last very long. Then once the stadium is open they might be able to get a job there. A one day a week in season job of some sorts, paying minimum wage. That won't help them get back on their feet for very long if at all. The stadium will only create full time jobs for a few fat cats with college degrees, and will only serve to funnel more money out of this already cash strapped city which by the way is putting their own $6 million into the deal as well.

        In my uneducated opinion, the money situation needs to be reversed, how about $47 million to Philadelphia to control crime and boost the quality of live and the longevity of it's residents and $10 million or less to Chester for a stadium that most of the locals will visit without punching a time clock. So Governor Ed, how about something to really help the state before you leave office?

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