Monday, February 18, 2008

17yo Tries to Murder a Housing Cop

Is this how messed up our society has become? A 17 year old thug tried to kill a housing cop in cold blood last night in Philly! The kid knocked on the door of the security booth and when the cop answered it he pulled out a rifle and shot the officer. Fortunatly the officer was only grazed and was able to slam the door shut before the punk fired 2 more rounds into the bullet proof glass. This was going to be a cold blooded execution of a law enforcement officer by a 17 year old thug! WTF is this world coming to?

Teen charged with shooting officer
By Dwight Ott and Barbara Boyer


A 17-year-old has been charged with attempted murder after the shooting of a Philadelphia Housing Authority officer gunned down in Germantown late last night.
The officer, Craig Kelley, 49, a 17-year authority veteran, remains in stable condition at Temple University Hospital after being shot in the side at point-blank range while manning a security booth in the Queen Lane Apartments, said homicide Capt. Mike Costello.

The suspect, Zahir Johnson of the 2300 block of Diamond Street in North Philadelphia, was picked up by patrol officer Robert Lee. He saw Johnson in the area, fitting a vague description that witnesses provided of the gunman, Costello said.

Costello said it is unclear what motivated the shooting, which occurred about 10:15 p.m. It does not appear the gunman said anything before firing, but authorities said they had only brief interviews with Kelley.

Lee said he was heading toward the shooting scene at 301 W. Queen Lane when he saw a male on a nearby dark street with partial lighting.

Police were looking for a male in a brown jacket, and Lee said Johnson was wearing a brown sweatshirt.

Police said they also found a backpack and rifle they believe was the weapon used during the assault.

Costello said Kelley was shot in left side after the gunman approached the booth, enclosed in bulletproof glass, and knocked on the door. Kelley opened the door and quickly retreated, and closed the door as the assailant pulled the rifle and shot.

The first shot entered the security booth while the door was open and hit Kelley at the bottom of his bulletproof vest, causing his most serious injury. Costello said the vest possibly saved the officer's life.

The gunman fired two more shots at the glass before he fled, Costello said. Authorities flooded the area looking for the suspect as Kelley was rushed to Temple.

Richard Zappile, chief of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, said Kelley was working an overtime shift and is "a good guy" and conscientious officer.

The security booth was the target of a robbery about two weeks ago and authorities are investigating whether the two crimes are related.

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