Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best Buy Sued over Job Reference!

Don't put anything in an e-mail that you don't want the whole world to know! Guess this guy will do OK, I think he's asking for way to little though! -Chuck

Ex-manager sues Best Buy over email
By Sam Wood
"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all," a cartoon character once said.
He might have added: Especially in an email.
Stung by a scathing job reference, a South Jersey man filed a federal law suit last week claiming that Best Buy, his former employer, blackballed him.

Michael Oliveri, 47, said it was impossible to find a new job after he was fired in Aug. 2006 from Best Buy, the electronics megamart.

In his suit, Oliveri said he became suspicious after job offers at Circuit City and Target were abruptly terminated.
So Oliveri, of Columbus, Burlington County, hatched a plan.
He created an email account using the name of a Target employee. Then Oliveri sent a note to his former company asking for a "candidate reference."

According to Oliveri's lawsuit, the district human resources manager, Ann McCafferty, allegedly responded:
"I will give you the skinny on him but you can't say you got any info from best Buy or we can be sued. Just don't hire him and say you went with a better candidate.

"He was hired as GM and demoted after 12 months or so because he sucked. He is desperate for a job because supposedly his wife left him because he has no job. I would not touch him.

"Again, do not forward this email to anybody or say where you heard the info from because we were not allowed to give this info out, but I would hate you to get stuck with this guy!"

Needless to say, Oliveri did not get the job.
New Jersey law prohibits interference with a prospective employment relationship. Oliveri is seeking a minimum of $100,000 in damages, said his attorney, Katherine D. Hartman of Moorestown.

McCafferty was subsequently promoted and now works at Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minnesota.
The companies legal team is reviewing the case, a spokeswoman said.
"There's not a lot we can say other than we're investigating it," said company spokeswoman Dawn Bryant.
Oliveri was hired in 2004 as general manager of the Best Buy's Wilmington store and later worked at the Plymouth Meeting branch.

The suit was filed Jan. 22 in U.S. District Court in Camden.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

God Speed John Moyse

Today, I went back to the homefront for a viewing for a fellow firefighter from my junior firefighter days. He was also a police officer with my father and the uncle of a girl I used to date. John was a great guy, a Marine, a Firefighter, and a Police Detective. He will truly be missed but now he is at peace and no longer suffering. Rest Easy Brother.

While in the hometown I shot a photo of my old house. It seems so much smaller than I remember it, the neighborhood in general even seems smaller. Many of the old neighbors are still there but I didn't stop.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Old School Engine Ride

This is borrowed from a fellow firefighter. I especially liked this because I have many fond memories of riding this great old engine. This was back in the day of back step riding which is great. The only thing better was riding standing up in the jump seat of an engine. I miss those days, yes we are safer inside but it's just not as cool as feeling the air in your face and seeing and smelling the fire before you even arrive! Those days are over for good now though.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unpaid Bill Leads to Violence!

People wonder how so many young people are turning out to be thugs & animals. With role models like this it's no wonder!


January 15, 2008 -- In a case that boggles the minds of investigators, a husband and wife were being held at police headquarters along with their 18-year-old daughter.

Authorities said they and another daughter accosted, punched and kicked a 17-year-old family friend over an unpaid cell phone bill.

Eighteen-year-old Tiesha Lewis and 17-year-old Elisane Fortune were the best of friends. So close that Lewis put her on her family's cell phone plan. Their families had a great relationship.

"Before this, we were close. The girls would do the homework together, everything," said the victim's father, Romilo Fortune.

But recently the Lewis family became upset over some money that Elisane owed for the cell phone plan, which the Fortune family had agree to pay.

"I owe T-mobile $20. My mother was going to finish paying that off, so I guess they didn't," said Elisane.
Even though the Fortunes had agreed to pay the twenty dollars, police said Teisha Lewis along with her mother Carmeyo, her father Curtis Sherwood and her 16-year-old sister drove to Martin Luther King High School and jumped Elisane Fortune at the intersection of Stenton and Walnut Lane.

"They had me on the ground kicking me and stuff. I thought I was going to faint," said Elisane.
She was rushed to Einstein Medical Center with cuts and bruises, including a bruised knee.
"When I got there, I saw blood on her face everywhere. I see blood everywhere," said Romilo.
Community activist Ricardo Sebastian said kids are always fighting over one thing or another.
"But when you have the parent getting involved and kicking the child like a dog, that's totally unquestionably, unpopular," said Sebastian.

The three members of the Lewis family were being held at police headquarters awaiting their arraignment on charges of assault and related offenses. The 16-year-old was placed in juvenile detention.

Authorities said the father, Curtis Sherwood, was already on probation for another crime.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gotta Love Living in a Commonwealth!

This is why I love to live in PA! The townships have so much power and the township officials are free to enforce the rules anyway they see fit. They really should just leave these folks alone.

A tough spot for animal lovers NEW GARDEN ORDERS TREE TOP ANIMAL RESCUE TO SHUT DOWN By Dan Kristie, Staff Writer
NEW GARDEN - Laurellen and George Treisner thought they were doing a good deed when in 2006 they began operating an animal rescue out of their home.

But township officials are demanding they shut down Tree Top Animal Rescue because it doesn't conform to zoning law.
The Treisners own 7.3 acres in an R-1, light residential district. The zoning law says nothing specifically about animal shelters but specifies R-1 properties may be used only for one purpose. Therefore township officials decided the Triesners' property would violate the zoning if it was used for both an animal shelter and a residence.

Township Zoning Officer Don Suckstorf sent the Treisners a cease-and-desist order on Dec. 21 after the couple applied to the township for permission to build a barn they indicated would be used for agriculture. Although agriculture is allowed in R-1 districts, zoning doesn't permit a single property to be used for both agriculture and housing, officials say.

In an interview last week, the Treisners said the barn wouldn't be used for agriculture. Instead, they said, it would house 10 pygmy goats they keep as pets and occasionally be used as a temporary shelter for animals waiting to be adopted.

In two letters sent to the Treisners, Suckstorf said the couple must either dismantle the barn and shut down the animal shelter or apply to the township's zoning hearing board for a variance that would allow them to keep the barn standing and the shelter in operation.

The Treisners said they'd rather not go before the zoning hearing board, especially because of the cost to apply for a hearing.

"We shouldn't need a variance," Laurellen Treisner said. "To apply for a hearing we need to pay $1,400. Do you know how many dogs and cats $1,400 could save?"

Instead, the Treisners plan to take their case to the Jan. 14 township supervisors meeting.
Treetop is a nonprofit effort, and the Treisners said no neighbors have complained about it. They said it operates by using the Internet to connect people who want to get rid of animals with people who want to adopt or foster them. So far, they said, Treetop has rescued 95 animals.

Rarely do animals stay on their property, the Treisners said, and if they do, they're only there for hours, awaiting the arrival of the people who will adopt or foster them.

The 10 pygmy goats that were supposed to take up residence in the barn are family pets that George Treisner said "have a lot of personality and are fun to watch."

The Treisners described their interactions with the township officials as unpleasant.
Township officials "won't tell us why" they want to stop the rescue, Laurellen Treisner said. "They also told us we can't use the computer or the phone on our property for our animal rescue. I don't know on what grounds they can tell us to do that."

But Township Manager Carmen Raddi said officials did not tell the Treisners to stop using the phone and Internet for their rescue.

"No, no, no, no," Raddi said. "We never said that. Tell them to provide a letter that says that."
"Well, they did say that," Laurellen Treisner responded. "They said that in conversation."
The Treisners said their animal rescue should be considered a "no-impact business," which is defined in the zoning ordinance as a business that, among other criteria, does not generate more traffic than a normal residence.

But the zoning ordinance doesn't say that no-impact businesses are allowed in R-1 districts. In fact, it doesn't say no-impact businesses are allowed in any district. The definition appears in the beginning of the zoning ordinance, along with many other definitions that are never mentioned again. "Adult bookstore" is one such definition.

But no matter what the township says, the Treisners said they will figure out a way to continue operating Treetop Animal Rescue.

"If I have to take my laptop computer and sit in a Starbucks to conduct my business, that's fine," Laurellen Treisner said.

"We only have one filing cabinet with two drawers we use for Treetop," George Treisner said. "We have a good relationship with a pet shop in Kennett. If we take it there, would that be enough?"

To contact staff writer Dan Kristie, send an e-mail to dkristie@dailylocal.com

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

God Speed Major Olmsted

We've lost another fine American Hero to the War. God Speed Brother, until we meet again on Fiddler's Green.


Note: You have to scroll down a bit to read this story.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in Review

Wow, 2007 was an interesting and sometimes scary year for us. It started quietly with a quiet New Years eve at home which is our usual. Work was slower since we were done our inspections but I was preparing for my turn in the sandbox. Then on Jan 12th Vicki had pain in her jaws that wouldn’t go away. Finally we called 911 and the paramedics advised us that she should go to Christiana Hospital. So off she went by ambulance to the hospital. The doctors there quickly checked things over, confirmed a heart attack and whisked her off to the cardiac cath lab within 45 minutes of our arrival. They ended up putting several stents in her heart and keeping her for a few days. Then after she was sent home we had a few appointments with various doctors but she recovered well.
April Fool’s day found me leaving home and heading to Baltimore Washington Airport to catch the “Patriot Express” to Manas AB in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. We stopped in Germany and Turkey along the way before arriving at Manas. There we got more gear and awaited for military transportation to Afghanistan. Our first leg took us to Bagram AB then finally to my final destination, Kandahar Air Base in Southern Afghanistan. This would be my home for 30 days. It was a very different world than the one I had left just a few days prior, we carried our rifles everywhere, at night we were required to don body armor and Kevlar helmet if we were outside, and it was dusty, very dusty. My job was to take care of the computer network along with several other folks, mostly active air force with a couple of other guard people. Our commander was from the ANG in Pittsburgh PA so that was interesting. We survived several rocket attacks on the base and were kept on our toes by our Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) folks who had a bad habit of forgetting to warn everyone when they were going to blow stuff up! The trip home was eventful with stops in several countries, break downs, and even smoke in the cockpit which required an emergency landing complete with fire trucks in Turkey. I met some great people along the way though and was finally home on May 11th, and was able to celebrate our anniversary on the 15th.
May found Vicki back in the hospital, this time at Chester County, a routine trip to the cardiologist for an echo cardiogram became a bit more. She told him she had been having chest pains so he advised her that he wanted her checked out. So because he is affiliated with Chester County Hospital we went over there to the ER. We waited forever and she finally got a room later in the evening. The next day they did a cardiac cath and found that her stents had blocked up. They wanted to do a bypass but we said NO WAY! We had her transported to Christiana again and they were able to restent her. During this period though they found that she had some blockages in her legs. So on Oct 26th she had stents put in both legs and they found the aorta was blocked but they didn’t have the correct stent for it. So on Dec 18th they went back in again but found that the blockage had mostly disappeared which they attribute to the legs being opened and helping the flow. So now she is feeling a bit better and walking better.
The summer found us busy around the house, working around the pool and other places to do a few things we had wanted to do to make it more functional and to make it look much better. We made a couple trips to Roots Market in Lancaster, made it to the Cecil County Fair, the PA German Festival, and the PA Renaissance Faire. We found some good stuff on Freecycle and we able to have several yard sales to rid ourselves of some of our accumulated junk.
For Halloween we once again made our way to The Bates Motel, this time we brought my parents, my step sister, and her son with us for a good scare. They are great folks and offered a military appreciation night so we were all able to get in for ½ price. Thanksgiving found us hosting the family and my parents were here too which is a big change, normally they are in warmer climates by the end of Oct. Christmas was at my step sisters and they were there too, then they left for Florida on the 26th. Our new years eve was once again a quiet one.
We hope the new year brings you and your family a blessed time and all of your hopes and dreams are fulfilled. This will be another interesting year for us I am sure.