Tuesday, December 23, 2008

America Loses Another Hero

Another Hero was lost yesterday. Volunteer FF Michelle Smith of the Delaware City DE FD succumbed to injuries she received while operating at a motor vehicle accident Sat (12/20) evening on Rt 13 in Wilmington Manor DE. Smith was the driver of the DE City ambulance that evening working a standby assignment for the Wilmington Manor FD who was having a company function. While assisting with paitent care of a motocyclist who had lost control of his bike on Rt 13, both Smith & the victim Edward Reiss were struck by a BMW driven by Joseph Taye of Bear DE.

FF Smith was a very active member of the Delaware City FD, serving as a firefighter, the secretary of the Ladies Auxilary, and as an ambulance driver. She was also active with the companies fire prevention program and received the Edward McCormack Award from the DE State Fire Prevention Commission for her excellence in fire prevention education. FF Smith is survived by a 12 year old daughter. Any time of year is difficult to lose a hero such as this but at the holiday season it is even more devestating especially for her 12 year old daughter. Please take a moment to remember her and all of Michelle's family and friends in your prayers.

Rest Easy Sister, your brothers and sisters of the fire service will do everything they can for your daughter. You will never be forgotten.

More info at http://www.dcfc15.com


DE LODD Arrest

Just an update, they arrested the POS that killed FF Smith. Hopefully justice will be served and this waste of air will not be free for many years. Be Safe. - Chuck


Monday, December 22, 2008

RIP EMT Michelle Smith

Rest In Peace Michelle. You gave your life helping another and that is by far the greatest thing a person can do.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vietnam Survivor Killed in Philly!

These people are animals should be executed on sight.
Survived Vietnam, only to die here
Man killed, wife raped in Upper Darby 'blitz'
Philadelphia Daily News

farrs@phillynews.com 215-854-4225
Hoa Pham, once a decorated second lieutenant in the South Vietnamese Army, survived seven years as a prisoner in North Vietnam after the fall of Saigon.

But Pham, 60, didn't survive two hours as a prisoner in his own "house of horrors" Monday night, after a robber broke into his Upper Darby home and conducted a "blitz" assault on Pham and his 58-year-old wife, according to police.

"To spend seven years in a North Vietnamese prison camp and then to come here and reach this kind of ending . . . it's a sad commentary," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.

Pham's wife, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News, was brutally beaten and repeatedly sexually assaulted, but survived the attack and remained in critical but stable condition at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

As of yesterday, her family had yet to tell her that she would never see her husband again.
"She doesn't know about my dad yet," said Son Pham, the couple's 22-year-old son. "She's pretty weak right now, and we're scared it might shock her."

The "sadistic and brutal" attack began about 8:15 p.m., when a man broke into the couple's home on Copley Road near Sansom Street while they were asleep upstairs, Chitwood said.

The assailant beat the couple and demanded money from them, police said, and after they gave him all they had, he demanded more and continued to beat them.

Bound with electrical wires from their own home, the couple was dragged downstairs, where they were stabbed and beaten with objects that police declined to identify.

The assailant sent the wife upstairs to search for more money, but he caught her trying to use her cell phone instead. That's when he sexually assaulted her, Chitwood said.

After holding the Phams hostage for more than an hour, the man fled, leaving Pham bleeding from the head and face on a first-floor porch, where he was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m.

"Detectives described it as a house of horror. . . . Blood was all over the first and second floors," Chitwood said.
Pham's wife, who suffered stab wounds and significant fractures to her hands, arms, face and head, was able to escape to a relative's home nearby, where she called police, Chitwood said.

Son Pham, the second-youngest of the couple's six children, said that he learned of the attack about 10:30 p.m., when he received an instant message from his sister while he was studying at Temple University, where he's majoring in computer science.

"I went home as quickly as possible," he said in front of his parent's house yesterday. "I've been waiting out here all day and all night to get in."

The couple's rowhouse, where they've lived for 14 years, is across the street from St. Alice's Church, which the family attended every Sunday, said Son Pham, who lives nearby with his brother.

"I lived here for so long, I would never think anything like that would happen," he said.
Son Pham said his family has a lot of support from the predominantly Vietnamese neighborhood. His oldest sister, who lives in Vietnam, also is being surrounded by friends and relatives there, he said.

All five of the Phams' other children reside in Pennsylvania, including a son who is a member of the Naval Reserves, Son Pham said.

Hoa Pham came to America with his oldest son by boat 17 years ago. His wife and five other children joined him two years later, Son Pham said.

For some time, Hoa Pham was employed as a steelworker, but most recently he worked at Alloy Surfaces, in Chester Township, his son said.

Son Pham said that his mother was a homemaker who often baby-sat some of her six grandchildren.
Although police believe that the attack was random, Son Pham thinks his parents had been targeted by someone who knew that they were an older couple alone at the time.

"Right now, I'm not sure of the story myself," he said.
"I just know my dad is not around anymore."
Upper Darby police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer, who is described only as a muscular man in his late 20s or early 30s, around 6 feet tall. Those with information about the crime are urged to call 610- 734-7677. *

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Marines!

Interesting, the 1st Marine is buried in a Quaker Cemetery in Philadelphia. Happy Birthday to the Marines!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Remembering a Hero

Last night they remembered a true hero from Philadelphia. He didn't hit the winning run of the series, nor did he make the winning catch. He did something much more important, he gave his life protecting the citizens of Philadelphia from the evil people who would do them harm. Rest Easy Officer Chuck Cassidy, the city is lucky to have fine men and women like you protecting it.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RIP Hoppity Rabbit

Monday sucked. That's about the best I can put it. While I was away one of our rabbits took a turn for the worse. He had been having some trouble moving around but he went down hill and couldn't use his back legs anymore. So I got back on Sat and Mon morning I called the Vet's office and took him in. We know it was the right thing to do so he isn't suffering but it doesn't make it any easier. Rest in Peace Hoppity.

The Rainbow Bridge

      inspired by a Norse legend

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,
Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.
Where the friends of man and woman do run,
When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,
Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,
For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.
Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,
Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,
Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.
All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,
Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;
Together again, both person and pet.
So they run to each other, these friends from long past,
The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,
Has turned into joy once more in each heart.
They embrace with a love that will last forever,
And then, side-by-side, they cross over... together.

(c) 1998 Steve and Diane Bodofsky. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, September 28, 2008

God Speed Paul Newman

Though I never got the chance to meet Paul. He was many times only 2 doors down on our working class neighborhood in Broomall PA. Our neighbors were very friendly with Paul & his family. Of course being a younster I didn't get an invite to any event which had paul. But from the stories I had heard, Paul was a standup guy who tried and didn;t try and hide mental health

issues no did he shy away from the probloms that go along with the medical conition

Pual would stop to eat at my neighbor's small suburbnn home. Usually it was quick & quiet round wiht 6ual egging on his

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rest Easy Patrick McDonald

Yesterday the world lost another hero. Officer Patrick McDonald was executed on the streets of Philadelphia. Daniel Giddings, the scumbag who did this was chased down and killed by brother officers. Officer Richard Bowes was wounded during the gunfight with Giddings. Officer McDonald was only on the job for 8 short years however he had already been recruited for the elite Highway Patrol unit. Officer McDonalds father was a retired Captain from the Philadelphia FD.

Daniel Giddings was a career scumbag who was out on patrol after serving 10 years of a 12 year sentence. The gun was purchased in South Carolina by a straw purchaser who bought the gun and illegally sold it. The ATF is questioning this loser and hopefully will make him or her the poster child for straw purchasing and sent them to the federal pen for at least 20 years!

Details on the shooting and funeral arrangements can be found at

6 ABC & at FOP Lodge 5

Condolences can be left at The Officer Down Memorial Page

My prayers go out to the family and friends of Patrick McDonald and Richard Giddings and his family & friends.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was traveling on 9-11 but I still did not forget that fateful day in 2001 when so many gave their lives. Actually it was kind of eerie to be flying on that day but I had no choice in the matter. To many around me it seemed like just another day which is truly ashame. We must never forget what happened that day and those who died. It's only been 7 years but to many it must be ancient history to others so it is as vivid as yesterday.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Murderer on the Loose in Philly!

Very nice. As we privatize more and more services things like this can't help but happen. My questions is, what are the qualifications of the people transporting him? I am reasonably sure that being private agents they are not authorized to go armed on the aircraft unlike a public servant who is authorized to fly armed. This guy is a convicted murderer, not a traffic offender or something silly like that, he's a serious felon who should have had serious security on him. Kudo's to the state of DE on trying to save money by cutting costs where it shouldn't!

A man sentenced to a life term in Delaware is at large after his escape at Philadelphia International Airport.
The Delaware Department of Correction says 43-year-old Tarriq Ali, also known as Wendell Husser, was being transported from California back to Delaware by a private prisoner transportation service when he escaped.

The department says the escape happened about midnight Friday but department officials weren't informed until Sunday.

A company called Prisoner Transport Services of America had been hired by the state to return Ali to Delaware.

Ali was convicted of attempted murder in Delaware in 1995, but was sent to California under a prisoner exchange agreement.

Bomb Found

This is getting a little close to home. I am in West Chester often enough that this scares me a bit. - Chuck
Bomb found at West Chester garage was "designed to injure"
By Kathleen Brady Shea
Authorities are working to determine who placed a "dangerous" bomb outside a well-used, downtown West Chester parking garage, prompting building evacuations and detouring traffic for hours Monday

Local police called in the Montgomery County Bomb Squad, which serves the 5-county area. Montgomery County Sheriff John P. Durante, who heads the unit, said officials determined about 1 p.m. that a suspicious package, which had been found earlier by the parking attendant, was a device "that can maim and cause death."

And John T. Hagenman, an spokesman for the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which is involved in the investigation, said the bomb was "designed to injure...this was not a device used by someone who was playing around."

Experts successfully detonated the explosive, Durante said. He said the bomb squad would maintain a presence in the area for at least 24 hours as the investigation proceeds.

"Without getting into any specifics - and certainly we don't want to compromise any ongoing investigation - somebody obviously intended ill harm," said West Chester Police Chief Scott L. Bohn. "It certainly was a dangerous device."

Bohn said police were called to the Mosteller garage on Chestnut and Walnut streets at 7:25 a.m. Monday by the garage attendant, who noticed a "suspicious package" outside the west entrance.

Officers who searched the premises found two additional packages inside, prompting the closure of several nearby businesses, including the YMCA, which had to relocate its child day-care center, said Bohn. The additional packages proved to be nonexplosive, he said.

Bohn also said the door to the 24-hour garage's electrical panel, which is normally locked, was open. He said he did not know yet whether the open door was related to the explosive.

Sections of High, Chestnut and Walnut streets were closed most of the day and traffic was detoured around the site until 5:30 p.m. when everything but a stretch of Chestnut by the garage was reopened.

At the same time, as police and ATF agents were still collecting evidence, drivers who had left their vehicles in the garage before it was closed in the morning were allowed to retrieve them. The garage will be open for business as usual Tuesday morning, police said.

Bohn said authorities do not believe the incident resembled the work of the so-called "suburban bomber."
From March 2000 through November 2001, 20 bombs were found along the border of Chester and Montgomery Counties, mainly in the Phoenixville area. No one was hurt, but police have said many of the devices were dangerous and designed to kill. The identity of the bomber, and the motive, remain a mystery.

The site of the discovery is ultimately destined for demolition. Several years ago, the West Chester Borough Council, which owns the garage, voted to replace the 35-year-old structure, which has 414 parking spaces, with a modern, bigger facility, a process that is still in the planning stages.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heading Home

We are heading out shortly to return home. We accomplished much and made some great friends. It is with a heavy heart that we return though as it looks like Ike may head this way. Rest assured though there are thousands of other guardsmen waiting to come to the aid of anywhere that Ike comes. I have seen a tremendous outpouring of support down here and it is awesome. This is what we do, we help each other out in a time of need. The national guard (both Army & Air) are fully prepared and fully able to provide any support necessary for whatever disaster, natural or otherwise that hits this country.

Tommorroy is 9/11 and I will be traveling home. Please take a moment to remember those who gave their lives on the fateful day and all those who have given their lives since. Also to all those deployed you are in our prayers. So tommorrow raise a glass to "Absent Companions", drain your glass and put it upside down on the bar.

Check Out - Blackfive for more info on this toast.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gustav & Ike

Still here waiting to see what Ike will do. The folks here at the LANG have treated us like kings, the food has been amazing and they appreciate our help. Things down south are pretty bad even though nobody is reporting it.

Special thanks to Miss Linda for keeping the club open every day since the hurricane. The cold beers after a hot busy day were awesome.

More to follow!

Friday, September 05, 2008


I am currently in Pineville LA helping our friends at the LA National Guard get back on their feet. The left thinking media isn't reporting much but there is some serious damage in LA, this area isn't real bad but there is some flooding and lots of power problems. I'll report as I can on the situation.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

God Speed Robert Hazard

I grew up listening to the Hooters & Cindi Lauper in the 80's. Robert Hazard & the Hero's played at all the local clubs. I think I may have seen them play at the Borse building in Philly the one day we skipped school and went in for a live radio broadcast of John Debella's Morning Zoo. So I was shocked to read that Robert Hazard died at age 59 Tues night. God Speed Robert, your music made for good times.



Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mayor Nutter Kicks Butt!

I hope Mayor Nutter's statements are not just political grandstanding, I'd like to think that he is a positive change for Philly government. I love his statement where he said if it was his daughter who was treated that way by people who were supposed to protect her he would personally kick their ass! Apparently the policies at Philly's DHS are even more protective of idiots than those of the federal system. Those involved have been suspended with pay which to me seems to be a reward for doing horrible things. I will warn you that the details of this report are not easy to read. I hope that those involved fry for this and I hope her death haunts them for the rest of their lives because what they did was despicable. I hope this sends a message to others who think that they can just show up each day at DHS and screw off. To those who were involved from the top down I just have one thing to comment, "One day you will be old and unable to care for yourself and I certainly hope that you get the same level of care that young Danieal got from you! Rot in Hell you POS!

7 more at DHS suspended
Irate Mayor Nutter: 'I am heartbroken by what has happened'
Philadelphia Daily News

rudermw@phillynews.com 215-854-2860
Mayor Nutter didn't review Danieal Kelly's death through the lens of a mayor, or as a 25-year public servant.
He was haunted by the girl's death as a dad.
So much so that Nutter's voice quivered and he seemed to fight tears yesterday as he announced more suspensions of DHS workers in connection with the starvation death of Danieal, who had cerebral palsy and whimpered one word - "water" - in the days before her death. The 14-year-old girl wasted away to 42 pounds - the weight of a typical 5-year-old - with bedsores to the bone.

"I read the grand jury report not just as the mayor of this city but also as the father of a daughter," Nutter said.
"It is appalling. It is outrageous. And I am heartbroken by what has happened here."
He added, "I am fully, thoroughly and completely pissed off about what has happened here . . . When I think of my own daughter and if she were in someone else's care and [city workers] performed the way some of these individuals did, I would kick their ass myself."

Alternately sounding sad and angry, Nutter promised that Danieal's death "will not be in vain" and said he will not tolerate lax city employees.

Yesterday, he suspended seven DHS supervisors and top-level administrators, including Ingrid Hawk, Shawn Davis, Janice Walker, Valerie Mond, Martha Poller, Wesley Brown and Pamela Mayo.

All have been suspended with pay, pending an internal investigation into Danieal's death.
Nutter's action brings the total number of DHS suspensions to nine. Two DHS workers - Dana Poindexter and Laura Sommerer - were suspended last week after District Attorney Lynne Abraham filed criminal charges against them.

Those suspended did not return phone calls or declined comment when reached by the Daily News yesterday. Two did not answer their home phones and no answering machine picked up.

In a written statement, Cathy Scott, president of District Council 47 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, also declined to discuss the individual suspensions, citing "the possibility that additional legal and/or personnel actions may be taken."

"Today's DHS is no longer the DHS of two years ago. But the hard work to reform and improve must continue . . . We take our responsibilities to the children very seriously," Scott said.

Paramedics found Danieal's emaciated body on a soiled mattress littered with feces. Her entire back was a gully of maggot-infested bedsores. When paramedics lifted her body, an imprint of her body was left in the mattress. For months, she lay dying in a dark, hot room without food or water. All the while, DHS employees and outside social workers - paid by the city - were supposed to check up on her.

During yesterday's news conference, Nutter praised the "heroes" in DHS who work hard every day to protect the young and vulnerable in the city.

Then Nutter issued a warning to DHS employees who don't measure up: "For the very few, whoever they may be, if this is not the kind of work that you're prepared to do . . . then you should leave this city government right now," Nutter said.

"We don't need you and we don't want you in this government when we have the kind of behaviors that we've seen as a result of this grand jury report."

Nutter said he will be meeting with DHS staff today, to talk about his expectations from staff. He said that every aspect of DHS is under review. In particular, all the cases assigned to Poindexter and Sommerer have been reassigned and are under review and all of Poindexter's cases will receive new investigations, new safety assessments and new home visits, Nutter said.

Last week marked Poindexter's fourth suspension, said the grand jury, which noted that "Poindexter's slovenly, neglectful, and dangerously reckless work habits were not limited to Danieal's case."

Public-interest lawyer Carol Tracy, a member of a DHS oversight panel convened by then-Mayor John Street in 2006, called the suspensions "appropriate." She said the report revealed that DHS failed from the caseworker level to all the way up the chain of command. "It isn't just one failure," Tracy said. Nutter expressed confidence in DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose, whom he named in June, to carry out needed reforms.

He said there's "no need" for the state to take over DHS, as Abraham called for last week.
When a reporter noted that employees involved in Danieal's case were still in their jobs two years after her death, Nutter said, "They're not in place today." *

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Larry Mendte is a Felon!

As far as I am concerned what Larry Mendte committed several serious felonies and should be locked up for a long time. The current prediction is that he will cop a plea and get 0 to 6 months of federal time. That is a total bunch of crap. He didn't just peek at Alycia Lane's mail, he plotted to do it and installed a program to capture her every key stroke on her computer at the TV station. He then used her stolen (yes stolen) information to read her e-mails, her private e-mails constantly, as many as 11 times a day, which is probably more than Alycia was reading her own mail. What he did was not a minor crime it was serious and it was stalking. He should pay by doing some serious time and the Fed's should use this to send a clear message that in the age of cyberspace that this type of behavior is a serious crime. I say 3 to 5 for old Larry.

Also Channel 3 bears some serious responsibility, as some may know my profession is computer security and to have a lack of administrative controls on their systems is not just stupid it's negligent. Yes this was a sophisticated hardware keylogger the same type used by the FBI but good security practices should have caught this device quickly as any device connected has to interface with the operating system and can be detected, especially with by a company that can pay it's news anchors over 700K a year to read a TV screen and look pretty! So I am sure that Larry will pay dearly in the civil suit as will CBS & Channel 3. With a yearly salary of 780K a year on the line in a civil suit along with a major rising star news anchor's reputation I am sure they can pay for some serious expert witnesses to come into court and show just how neglient the TV station was with their lack of computer security. Plus if I was a source for anyone at that station I'd be dropping out of site quickly knowing that their information was so insecure.

What's your take on all of this? Here's some links


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surgeon sued for giving anesthetized patient temporary tattoo

This was stupid and will probably end up being very costly. I have joked about getting my wife a tattoo in the small of her back during one of her sugeries but this guy crossed the line with where he put the tattoo. I don't think she deserves a huge payday out of it but he should be punished. -Chuck

Surgeon sued for giving anesthetized patient temporary tattoo
By Don Sapatkin
Inquirer Staff Writer
In a lawsuit filed yesterday, a Camden County woman accused her orthopedic surgeon of "rubbing a temporary tattoo of a red rose" on her belly while she was under anesthesia.

The patient discovered the tattoo below the panty line the next morning, when her husband was helping her get dressed to go home after the operation for a herniated disc, her attorney, Gregg A. Shivers, said in a phone interview yesterday.

"She was extremely emotionally upset by it," said Shivers. The suit, filed on behalf of Elizabeth Mateo in Camden County Superior Court, seeks punitive and compensatory damages from Steven Kirshner, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with offices in Marlton and Lumberton, both in Burlington County.

Kirshner does not deny placing the tattoo - and has left washable marks on patients before to improve their spirits, his lawyer, Robert Agre of Haddonfield, said last night. He said none has complained.

"What's offensive about this complaint is that it suggests something he did was intended to be prurient, and nothing could be further from the truth," said Agre. "It was intended just to make the patient feel better."

Nevertheless, said Art Caplan, chairman of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine's Department of Medical Ethics, "you cannot do something like this even as a joke."

"If it's true," said Caplan, whose knowledge of the case was limited to a reporter's summary, "she's got a case."
Caplan recalled news reports of other cases where physicians left an inappropriate mark, such as a football logo, which had a legitimate purpose, such as indicating the placement of an organ for a future cut.

In a highly publicized case in 1999, a doctor in New York City went further by carving his initials into a patient's abdomen after delivering her baby by Caesarean section.

Mateo, the patient from Pennsauken, declined to comment last night.
Shivers, who practices in Cherry Hill, would describe his client only as a clerical worker in her mid-30s with a husband and young children.

Her suit does not criticize the operation's quality and names only the surgeon who performed it at Virtua Memorial Hospital Burlington County on April 28. The health system released a statement saying "the Mateo family has acknowledged that Virtua was in no way responsible for the incident."

In an announcement about the civil action, Shivers said that the hospital had "immediately conducted a diligent and responsible investigation" that found no witnesses. "The patient reports that the hospital has treated her with appropriate respect and professionalism as she has gone through this difficult experience," the statement concluded.

Part of his client's concern, Shivers said, was knowing what took place.
"We're assuming that it would have to have happened after surgery," he said, "because during surgery she would be on her stomach."

In addition to the lawsuit, Shivers said he mailed a related complaint to the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners yesterday.

The board said it had no record of past actions against Kirshner, and hadn't received the complaint in the mail.
The doctor's attorney, Agre, who had seen neither the board complaint nor the lawsuit, said the doctor had "never been accused of anything."

"Most of the patients are delighted by Dr. Kirshner's sense of humor," he said, adding that the 51-year-old surgeon who lives in Lumberton and did his medical training at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia is "renowned as a jovial guy and regarded as a doctor who has terrific relations with his patients and with his staff."

"He vigorously denies that any action of his was intended to offend the patient," Agre said, noting that the marks the surgeon has left on his patients "are like children's tattoos. Kids put them on themselves and they wash right off."

Frank Farley, a psychologist at Temple University who was read a summary of the lawsuit, speculated about why a surgeon who had performed an operation on the back would leave a red rose on his patient's belly.

"It is not part of the doctor-patient relationship in that case," said Farley, a former president of the American Psychological Association who studies risk-taking personalities and behavior.

"Unless you think you are Georgia O'Keeffe and you think people's bodies are your canvas," he said, "why would you take that risk?"

This is a very costly prank. Idiots!

23. July 15, Press-Register - (Alabama) Charges follow water alarm. Two young men who climbed to the top of a Stapleton, Alabama, water tower created a security scare and expense for the utility, as well as potential big bills and long jail sentences for themselves, a water system administrator said. The general manager of North Baldwin Utilities said the two suspects may have opened the hatch on top of the tower before they were brought down and arrested early Sunday. The incident triggered automatic safety measures designed to respond to a suspected terrorist attack - primarily the draining of 750,000 gallons from the tower. A crew was disinfecting it Monday and after testing, it will be refilled by the end of the week. Endangering the food or water supply is a Class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison upon conviction, according to state law. Source: http://www.al.com/news/press-register/index.ssf?/base/news/1216113332209370.xml&coll=3

Monday, June 23, 2008

Loser Steal from Food Bank!

What kind of loser steals from the food bank? How low can you get to steal from the needy. I hope they catch these jerks and make them do community service feeding the poor and needy. What can you possibly do with that much chicken unless you have a store or somebody to unload it with, I hope they get caught too for buying stolen food.


God Speed Scott Kalitta

Rest Easy Scott. Thanks for the show, you were one of the best and will be missed!


God Speed George Carlin

Rest Easy George. Thanks for the laughs!

I grew up listening to George and had a friend who at 8 or so could quote all of his 7 words. I have always been a fan of his work. America has lost another great comedian.

I hope George passed his final exam, as quoted in "I was thinking how people seem to read the bible a lot more as they get older; then it dawned on my; they're cramming for their final exam."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God Speed Stephanie Callaway

On Tues morning a tragic accident took the life of 31 year old Paramedic Stephanie Callaway and her Patient 82 year old Betty Hall.

Also injured in the crash we EMT's Micheal Wissman & Brice Hickman.

The News Journal has an article at http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080618/NEWS/806180356

Rehoboth Beach Fire has photos at http://www.rehobothbeachfire.com/gallery.cfm?id=254


Rest Easy Sister.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

TSA gets badges

This article cracks me up. Airport cops are upset because the TSA folks will now get badges and blue cop type shirts!

OK, the whole reason they created TSA after 911 is because the contract guys who were doing airport screening were getting paid crap money and couldn't care less about the job. So we created a federal agency that pays folks crap money and most could care less about the job, the only difference is that now these folks have federal benefits and a retirement plan. We still have not solved the issue at hand we have only federalized a bunch of people who aren't much more qualified to do the job then the people you order a Big Mac from. Yes there are some high quality people who do a great job for TSA; but by and large they are minimum wage idiots. If you pay people 23K a year to do a job that requires attention to detail, customer service skills which only a saint can have, and a high stress enviroment you will not get quality people. If on the other had we did like Israel and other countries and paid these folks a good wage and gave them training and law enforcement powers then we would go a long way toward getting better quality screening and toward making us all much safer.
Right now these folks can only tell you to stop or ask you to comply but if they had arrest powers and the first person who pushed one of them was taken to the ground and cuffed then maybe they'd get more respect and would in turn do a better job.

This link is interesting. I quote the site with this;

Criminal Background Checks
FAR 108.33(c)(5) does not require criminal records checks for every screener applicant, only for those applicants who have specific deficiencies in their employment history, if there are other deficiencies in the application, or if the air carrier finds out that the applicant may have been convicted of certain kinds of crimes. The required criminal records check is with the FBI, but the regulations do not say anything about records checks from other countries.

How the hell can you not require a criminal background for these folks. In Delaware & PA and probably most other states in order to hire a security officer to guard a construction site he or she most undergo a criminal background check, in order to work at any federal facility a contractor most pass a local agency files check. But, as long as you have a stable employment history TSA will hire you to protect the public from terrorists boarding aircraft or putting bombs in luggage.

Well enough of my rant, have a great week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's interesting how history repeats itself. Our local paper has what the headlines were 100 / 75 / 50/ 25 years ago. Well 75 years ago on this date the county was dealing with a heat wave, and Judge McDade ordered fans for the jurors and said coats could be removed. Also, Sam Sanders, a jeweler was buying gold, $7 an ounce for 10 karats or $17 an ounce for 22 karats!

Seems like that could be today, only the prices are higher and nobody has the decency to get dressed up for jury duty anymore.

Also, congrats to Chief John Bennett as he moves on to take the helm of the Paradise Valley PD in AZ. I have known John since I was a little kid. He's a great guy and Paradise Valley is lucky to get such a fine man. Good Luck Chief

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer 2009

OK, it's only the 2nd week of June and already we will be at or near 100 degrees here in the northeast. This does not bode well for the summer season. Gas has hit over $4.00 here, electricity costs have climbed, food rose 18%, and the unemployment rate has climbed higher than it has in a long time. Oil is up, stocks are down and people are pissed. Where are we heading this summer? Will people be able to keep themselves cool & fed? Will the choice have to be made on eating or driving to work? Of course that is just the tip of it, with the cost of oil & natural gas so high will people be able to keep warm enough to survive?

Something certainly needs to be done. We have planted a huge garden this year to try and save some money. We'll can some of it, and sell/give away what we can't use. So what are you doing to cut back and survive this economy?


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Voting Process is Broken

OK, so please tell me how a candiate can win 44% of the votes yet the canditdate who only won 38% wins the nomination because of the "caucus victorys" and the electoral votes. What total BS. What happened to a Government Of the People, By the People, For the People. Granted the consititution clearly spells out the duties of the "Electors" from each state in Article II but that process seems to have been derailed by political cronyism and a lack of integrity. Maybe it's time to go to a straight popular vote and remove the "Electoral College" from the picture. In this day and age tallying the votes of every person who voted in the election is not the mammoth task it was back in the 1787 when most communication required a runner on horseback and could take several days to complete the journey one way. Now I can send an e-mail this minute and it will be received on the other side of the world in mere seconds. So why are we stuck with a system which is broken.

Well maybe someday we'll get it right but we do need to stop teaching the kids that anyone can be president, you can only be president if you are wealthy or have some very wealthy backers and some serious political pull. So we are no longer a government of the people, for the people and by the people. We are a government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich. George Washington is rolling over in his grave!

Today's Newsdesk

I'm glad that the judge threw the book at this punk!

10-20 years in prison for armed robber HE AND HIS BROTHER PLEADED GUILTY TO A SERIES OF ROBBERIES By MICHAEL P. RELLAHAN, Staff Writer

WEST CHESTER - One of two brothers who robbed gas station convenience stores in southern Chester County has been sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison.

Jonathan Ocasio, 19, of West Nottingham, drew the sentence from Judge William P. Mahon after having pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, conspiracy, theft by unlawful taking and attempted robbery in March.

He and his brother, 22-year-old Jason Ocasio, had admitted to their involvement in three incidents after they were arrested by Oxford police in the midst of an attempted robbery at a Citgo gas station in June.

In that case - the most serious of the three - Jason Ocasio pointed a gun at a clerk, threatened to shoot him and fired a shot from a 9 mm handgun that smashed a display case.

Jonathan Ocasio stood before Mahon on Thursday with his attorney, Curt Norcini of Media. He was also ordered to spend 10 years on probation after serving his prison sentence. He has been incarcerated at Chester County Prison following his arrest last June.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Conte prosecuted the case.
The series of crimes began June 14, when Jonathan Ocasio robbed the Sunoco A-Plus Gas Station and Mini-Mart in the 300 block of Limestone Road in Lower Oxford.

Store clerk Lohit Yenimireddy told state police he was behind the counter about 9 p.m. when a man wearing a black scarf over his face entered the store, drew a knife and held it to his face, telling him to open the cash drawer and give him its contents.

When Yenimireddy did so, the man reached across the counter and took the entire drawer, which the clerk later said contained about $500. The robber then ran away.

Three days later, on June 17, two clerks were closing the Hostetter Gas Station and Mini Mart in the 400 block of Limestone Road - a few hundred feet from the Sunoco - just before 10 p.m. when they saw two masked men approach. When the would-be robbers found the doors locked, one tried to pry the door open.

The clerks, Pankaj Patel and Vilam Patel, said they shouted at the pair to leave and announced they were calling police. The intruders fled when they could not open the locked doors.

The brothers were apprehended June 18 when Oxford police interrupted them in the middle of their attempt to rob the Citgo station on South Third Street.

Two clerks who were in the store said the pair had come in shortly before 10 p.m. wearing dark bandannas over their faces and carrying guns.

One clerk said one of the robbers, later identified as Jonathan Ocasio, told him, "Give me your money or I'll shoot." He then jumped over the counter and began fighting with the clerk, punching him in the face and trying to bite him.

During the struggle, the clerk, who police did not identify in court records, knocked the gun from his assailant's hand, at which point the man told his partner, "Shoot him."

But the other robber, later identified as Jason Ocasio, was busy fighting with the other clerk, who had been in a back storage room when the robbery began and surprised the pair. Jason Ocasio bit the clerk on the arm and told him, "Leave me alone or I am going to shoot you and him," referring to the other clerk.

Just then, the gun Jason Ocasio was holding discharged and blew out a cigarette display case above the other clerk's head.

Oxford police officer Sean Gallagher was on patrol when he saw the commotion inside the Citgo and went inside. He wrested the gun from Jason Ocasio's hand and held him in custody until another officer arrived and subdued Jonathan Ocasio.

In a statement to police that night, both Jonathan and Jason Ocasio confessed to the three incidents. Jonathan Ocasio told investigators that in the first case, his brother acted as the getaway driver and the two split the robbery's haul.

Police found Jonathan Ocasio had been carrying a pellet gun and Jason Ocasio had been using a 9mm Smith & Wesson during the robberies.

Jonathan Ocasio was sentenced last Thursday; Jason Ocasio will be sentenced later.

She got beat by an old guy and a crippled guy! She needs to find another line of work.
        KINGSTON, Pa. (AP) - June 3, 2008 -- A 21-year-old robbery suspect is jailed in Luzerne County thanks to the efforts of the 71-year-old victim and his friend in a wheelchair.

        Harry Kopenis says he went to an ATM at a bank near his Kingston home Monday morning and withdrew $100 when a woman came out of nowhere. Police say the woman knocked Kopenis down, took his money and fled.

        His neighbor Kevin Lamb was nearby in his electric wheelchair. Both men chased her. Lamb says Kopenis got the woman in a headlock and he grabbed the squirming woman.

        The men weren't seriously injured.
        The young woman faces theft, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief charges. She is locked up on $10,000 bail.

I'm glad that this school district treated this as the real crime that it is and filed felony charges on this kid. I guess his hopes of college are dashed now but ohh well, don't be a criminal and you won't go to jail! It's about time that the schools start taking IT security seriously though!

After raucous meeting about computer hack, residents still uneasy DOWNINGTOWN AREA INVESTIGATION ONGOING By DANIELLE LYNCH, Staff Writer

DOWNINGTOWN - Some district residents left Downingtown Area's cyber information session still feeling uneasy about a recent computer breach by a student who accessed Social Security numbers of thousands of taxpayers.

"Our investigation into the computer breach continues, and we are asking additional questions of many of our students, teacher and our staff members," said district spokeswoman and school board secretary Pat McGlone on Monday.

Last Thursday's session at Lionville Middle School began with comments from Superintendent Sandra Griffin. She acknowledged increased security should have happened more quickly.

As she spoke, Griffin was interrupted several times by angry, frustrated residents, prompting school board President Robert Eldredge to repeatedly interject that the meeting would be discontinued unless order was restored.

Similarly, 15 minutes into a panel discussion with guest speakers, residents yelled that they had heard enough and wanted to hear from district administrators.

On Monday, Eldredge said the meeting was a sincere attempt to give answers and make it known that the school board and administration's highest priority is to "recognize we had a problem" and resolve it.

Eldredge said some people wanted information about the risks of identity theft and others wanted answers to make them feel better.

Borough police arrested a 15-year-old Downingtown West High School freshman on May 21 and charged him with theft by unlawful taking or disposition, computer theft, unlawful duplication and computer trespass.

District administrators learned about the intrusion on May 9, when a student told Downingtown West's principal that another student might have personal information, Griffin said. But 71 school employees did not learn their 2005 W-2 forms were copied until May 16, and Griffin said this was because district officials had to first perform "due diligence."

According to police, the data files contained more than 41,000 adult taxpayers' names and personal information, including Social Security numbers, and more than 15,000 students' names and personal information. The school district sent out letters to 16,595 residences about the incident.

Eldredge said he received the school district's letter but believes it's a dead issue.
"For me, I'm comfortable that nothing was done with the information," Eldredge said.
Eldredge said most of the audience Thursday responded to his calls to restore order but a group of teenagers sitting in front of the auditorium were disruptive and disrespectful to speakers and administrators on stage throughout the meeting.

After two hours, Eldredge said, he reached a point where he needed to hold the teenagers to the same level of accountability as the rest of the audience. But while he was making his initial comments, he said, the students became disrespectful and he was unable to put his words into context. As a result, the students walked out of the auditorium, he said.

He said he has heard criticism and support from audience members about how he handled the situation.
A Downingtown West junior who asked to remain anonymous said he and seven other students at the meeting "were not being disruptive, in my point of view."

The student said he and his friends are interested in computer science and submitted questions to the panel about how the security would be boosted. He said they whispered among themselves during the meeting but "we were no more disruptive than anyone else."

Some Downingtown Area residents said remain uneasy about the security breach.
"If this was the private sector, people have lost jobs over this kind of performance," said district resident Michael Markowski of Uwchlan.

Griffin said actions, if any, against district administrators would not be made public. Similarly, she said, information regarding the discipline of any student would not be discussed in public.

Markowski did not attend Thursday's meeting. He said he is troubled because a similar intrusion happened to the district in December. "It's like Pearl Harbor happened once but then it happened again," he said.

In December, a student used illegal hacking and password retrieval software to open an encrypted file he had illegally downloaded. That student was arrested and has been charged with a felony, McGlone said. But she noted the December breach was a folder permission issue that was addressed immediately upon notification.

Folder permissions have been tightened, and discussions between two computer firms, Canon Business Solutions and CommSolutions, have taken place, McGlone said. With the help of these firms, the district is taking steps to consolidate 70 servers into seven though server virtualization. The district's central office server will be segregated from the network, McGlone said.

Additionally, at a May 14 school board meeting, the board approved the instructional technology department's request for authorization for a complete overhaul of the active directory file structures dealing with log-in, password security and folder access permissions.

Markowski said it's also troubling to know that administrators found out about this problem because another student told the principal about it.

West Bradford resident Phil Duffy attended the meeting Thursday and said he was particularly troubled by the conduct of Eldredge.

"Respect is a two-way street," said Duffy, a database expert who had his own firm since 1984 and previously worked for two other firms. Duffy said he believes Eldredge's threat to discontinue the meeting unless the audience showed respect for the speakers reflected a disrespect for the audience.

The lecture on identity theft was a way to avoid the real issues, Duffy said. He said comments from the technology department were also very troubling. But he said there also appears to be some "innocent ineptitude on the part of the district officials."

"I can't fault their strategy; they appear to be trying to communicate openly with the residents. But some of their tactics seem to be working against them," Duffy said.

During the meeting, district technology director Buck Jones cited the district's growth and human error as reasons for the breaches. He said the district did not have a good reporting system to determine cyber security incidents.

In addition to the Social Security numbers, the first and last names and dates of birth of taxpayers were included on this file, McGlone said. The district had used Social Security numbers as key indicators in the resident database prior to 2006. McGlone said the file that the student accessed was a copy of a report that had been issued in 2005. She said the district uses another key indicator now, and the new database does not include Social Security numbers.

"I have a tremendous objection to anyone but the county having this information," West Bradford resident Susan Singer said. And if there are instances of identity theft, "I will be more than outraged," she said.

Singer, a parent of two students who have been out of the school district for more than five years, said she doesn't understand why she received the letter from the district. She said district administrators should have made every effort to identify students and taxpayers in another way besides their Social Security numbers.

The computers and flash drives of the arrested student and another student who may have received information have been confiscated by police. The computers are now in forensic examination by the Chester County Detectives Computer Crime Unit, which will attempt to determine if the files have been disseminated to other people.

Chester County Detectives Chief Al DiGiacomo said the ongoing analysis is incomplete, and therefore he cannot comment about it.

To contact staff writer Danielle Lynch, send an e-mail to dlynch@dailylocal.com

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SUV Stolen While FF Responds to Call!

This is pretty low! Unfortunately they will probably never catch the thief! Granted he left the keys in it which is stupid but to steal a car from the firehouse lot is pretty low.

SUV stolen while Lewes man fights fire
The News Journal * May 22, 2008

A Lewes volunteer firefighter who left his SUV in the parking lot of the Lewes Fire Company while he responded to a fire returned to the station early this morning to find that the vehicle had been stolen, state police said.

The 46-year-old firefighter reported to the station at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and left his blue 1999 Ford Explorer in the parking lot with the keys inside, said state police spokesman Sgt. Joshua Bushweller.

He responded to a reported structure fire on Coastal Highway, and when he returned at about 12:30 a.m., the vehicle was missing.

State police canvassed the area for the vehicle, and a trooper traveling west on Del. 9 near the Sussex East Mobile Home Park spotted a blue Ford Explorer at about 1:30 a.m., Bushweller said.

The Explorer entered the mobile home park, and the driver jumped out of the vehicle and fled into a wooded area, Bushweller said.

Police, including a K-9 unit, were unable to find the suspect, he said.

The vehicle was confirmed to be the stolen 1999 Ford Explorer and turned over to its owner, Bushweller said.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call investigators at 644-5020 or Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333.


I flew to and from Afghanistan & worked a bit with folks from this unit.
They are a top notch group of people. This is an interesting story about
their training to rescue shuttle astronauts.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adventerous or Nuts?!?

Maybe I don't have an adventureous spirit or something but I found this on craigslist and it seems nutso to me!

I'm going on a cross country road trip mid july starting from Philly!!

anyone looking to get around the country at the end of the summer?? I'm leaving from philly mid-july heading up through the midwest, over to cali, then down south across the bottom of the country then back up the east coast...a big square...the entire trip will be about a month and a half...if anyone needs a ride anywhere around there write me an email....just lookin for some gas money to chip in if you come along

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trucking Company Closes - A Sign of the Times!

This isn't a good sign at all. I think it is however the first of many and a sign of things to come.

<<...OLE_Obj...>> By Jessica Borg
DELANCO, N.J. - May 19, 2008 (WPVI) -- A New Jersey trucking company is going out of business.
Jevic Transportation Trucking Company, based in Delanco, Burlington County is closing the doors, and laying-off 1,500 workers. Last year, Jevic had revenues of $350 million, but now the company's chief executive officer says soaring prices for diesel fuel are just too much to bear.

Jevic has been in business for 27 years. Employees like Edwin Arvelo worry where they'll go next. He's spent more than 10 years at Jevic. He was hoping that his job would be secure, even with the recent financial strain. "I figured I'd retire here, like everyone else," Arvelo said.

Employees found out just this morning that today would be their last day, and there are no severance packages.
"They took away bonuses, they took away this, they took away that, we were getting 'hold on', and we held on, and now we're getting no health care or life insurance from this day on," said Arvelo.

David Hardy said he enjoyed his 5 years at Jevic. "It's good place to work for, I just don't like how it came to an end."

Jevic says right now the whole trucking industry is struggling. "I think it's an economic perfect storm, rising fuel prices each week, we all know they're going up, and people aren't shipping as much as before. At lot of different factors went into this," said Peter Robinson, Vice President of Marketing.

Since going private 2 years ago, the company says it re-structured to improve costs. Jevic had the largest fleet of heated trailers in the country, which helped protect certain freight. But the company says even its good reputation and history couldn't save it.

Robinson said CEO Dave Gorman did what we could, to try to keep the company afloat. "We knew that he was probably fighting until the last possible moment, to try to bring something together."

Jevic will keep a handful of employees working for the next two months or so, in order to honor existing contracts.
(Copyright (c)2008 WPVI-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

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Friday, May 16, 2008

This is a bit harsh for $69!
Pa. woman gets jail for Cub Scout scam involving son
Associated Press * May 16, 2008
EASTON, Pa. - A former Bethlehem woman will serve up to 23 months in prison for having her 7-year-old son dress as a Cub Scout to collect money for a nonexistent cause.

Fifty-one-year-old Sally Ann Gombocz told a Northampton County judge she wanted to apologize to anyone she hurt. She previously pleaded guilty to theft by deception and corruption of a minor.

Gombocz had her son dress as a scout in 2003 and tell people he was raising money for a camping trip. A prosecutor says the family collected $69.

Gombocz was sentenced Friday to six to 23 months in the county jail. She also was fined $2,000, ordered to perform community service, take parenting classes, have psychological counseling and submit to random urine screens. She also must pay restitution.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today's News!


This is a mess, middle school kids sending nude photos to their boyfriend! What have we become?


Reports indicate that this may have been intentional damage to 2 CH-47 helos. These are the work horses of that war transporting troops throught Iraq & Afghanistan. If it is I hope they catch the SOB! It's a shame that someone working in the defense industry would do something like this. I guess it's one more example that we are a military at war & not a country at war.

Wonder if the custom's guys drew straws or went by senority on who would open the box!

I Hope they catch these idiots and throw the book at them. Setting fire to an occupied home is attempted murder!

Lastly please pause today and remember those who have given their lives in defense of the thin blue line.

Also, Happy Anniversary to my sweet and loving wife who has put up with me for 13 years of marriage and almost 18 years together.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Giant Bettles Seized!

Eww. I guess somebody planned on having these for dinner or something!

PHILADELPHIA - Customs agents seized more than two dozen potentially harmful giant beetles - some the size of a child's hand - from a package after postal workers heard the insects making scratching noises.

The large bugs arrived last week from Taiwan at a postal facility in Mohnton, about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, in a box whose contents were labeled as toys, gifts and jellies, authorities said Wednesday.

But the postmaster suspected the box contained live organisms and notified authorities, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. The package was sent to Philadelphia, where it was X-rayed and then opened.

"The specimens were some of the largest of their kind, and some of the largest I've ever seen, averaging five to six inches in diameter," said John Plummer, an agency agriculture specialist, said in a statement Wednesday. "They are highly destructive insect pests that can cause extensive damage to fruit and vegetable crops, trees, shrubs and turf grasses."

In all, authorities found 26 Hercules, Rhinoceros and Goliath beetles. It is illegal to ship live beetles into the United States without a permit from the Department of Agriculture.

It was not immediately clear if any charges were expected to be filed. A call to the customs agency was not immediately returned.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Idiot of the Week Award Winner!

I got this from http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080513/NEWS/80513049. I think he either needs new glasses or to lose his license!

A 70-year-old New Jersey man was cited Monday afternoon after he allegedly made an illegal U-turn onto northbound I-95 and plowed into the side of a trooper's patrol car.

The driver, Lugene Smith, of Pleasantville, was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.

State police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh said a trooper in a fully marked 2008 Ford Crown Victoria was driving north on I-95 in the left lane approaching the service area at about 3:26 p.m. when Smith, who was traveling in the left lane of southbound I-95, disregarded a posted sign and drove through a paved crossover "Marked For Emergency Vehicles Only."

Whitmarsh said the Ford Explorer that Smith was operating drove directly into the side of the trooper's car.

Both vehicles then pulled off to the right shoulder, where Smith was cited.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fuel or Food

Yesterday my local paper had the headline Fuel or Food! I guess it really has come to that as gas prices climb toward $4 a gallon here. Last night I paid $3.55 a gallon which is crazy. I am not sure how people will continue to live with the current economy. The price of oil drives up transportation costs which in turn drive up food costs, even ground beef is going for $2.49 a pound on sale and that's for the fatty stuff. Most meat is over $3.00 a lb and even fruit is over the top. The only thing that hasn't gone up by a large amount over the last year is peoples pay checks!

The price of electricity is expected to steadily rise as we enter summer and everyone uses their air conditioning. The cost of heating oil is over $3.50 a gallon which means to fill my 2 tanks which if I keep the house at 60 to 62 all day and all night might last me most of the winter will cost me nearly 2 grand! The government will give us various a "free" check but that will be a drop in the bucket! I don't do bad salary wise but really wonder how far it will continue to stretch as the cost of everything climbs higher and higher. Where will it all end?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Driver Accepts Fault in Trooper's Death

I really hope they throw the book at this woman. It won't bring back the great young man, but it might send a message that driving like an idiot, under the influence of drugs & alcohol will not be tolerated. I think one of the main reason's that they haven't enacted tougher fines and sentences for DUI is because the lawyers and politicians are afraid that they will be the ones caught. DUI Homicide should be no different then any other homicide. I don't think it should be 3rd degree manslaughter, it should be second degree homicide because it should be a felony to drive under the influence! The mandatory minimum in PA is 3 years, I hope she gets a good bit more than that. Maybe one year for each of Trooper Iwaniec's life.


AVONDALE - The woman accused of causing the death of a young state trooper sobbed Tuesday morning as a district judge read aloud the investigators' account of what happened on the night of the drunken-driving crash.

Kristina M. Quercetti, 40, of Landenberg, was intoxicated, speeding and driving with her headlights off when her vehicle crashed into 24-year-old Kenton E. Iwaniec's personal car on March 27, according to the arrest affidavit filed by state police at Avondale.

Quercetti's attorney indicated she did not intend to fight the charges against her and was ready to start serving an anticipated prison sentence Tuesday.

While leaving the courtroom, Quercetti said to reporters, "I just can't express how sorry I am."
Iwaniec was a native of western Pennsylvania who joined the Avondale barracks in January. He was heading to his Lancaster home after work when the crash happened about 10:15 p.m. on Route 41 near Mosquito Lane in London Grove.

Authorities said Quercetti was driving 73 mph with her headlights off when she crossed the road's center line and hit Iwaniec's car head-on. Quercetti's blood-alcohol content was 0.34 percent, records say, which is more than four times the state's 0.08 percent legal limit. She also had Oxycodone in her system, police said.

Authorities said they found a partially full bottle of vodka and 20 Oxycodone pills wrapped in cellophane inside Quercetti's purse in her vehicle.

Iwaniec was flown to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Del., where he died the next day during surgery, police said. Delaware Medical Examiner Jennie Vershvousky said Iwaniec died from the multiple blunt force injuries suffered in the crash, records say.

Quercetti's 4-year-old son was in the back seat of her car at the time of the crash and was uninjured, police said.
At her arraignment Tuesday, Quercetti cried and leaned into the defendant's table with her head in her hands as Magisterial District Judge Thomas Martin Jr. read aloud the affidavit.

Quercetti, who suffered a minor injury in the crash, was wearing a black brace over her left foot and calf. She also used a walker to get from the state police barracks to the district court next door. She was accompanied by her mother, who also cried during the arraignment.

After hearing the charges, Thomas Ramsay, the attorney representing Quercetti after the crash, told Martin his client would not be posting bail. Instead, he said, his client wanted to immediately go to prison to start serving her anticipated sentence.

Before the arraignment, Ramsay said, "Kristina recognizes that her actions caused an innocent young man with a promising career in law enforcement to lose his life. So, although the family has the financial ability to post bail, she has decided to begin serving her sentence now in recognition of the tragic consequences of her driving behavior."

State police charged Quercetti with homicide by vehicle while under the influence, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence and related charges.

Outside the courtroom, Ramsay said he expects his client to plead guilty and let a judge determine her sentence. The charge of homicide by vehicle while under the influence carries a minimum mandatory prison sentence of three years.

Her attorney said Quercetti's courtroom tears were "for the trooper, for the trooper's family and for her son. She cries for herself last."

First Assistant District Attorney Patrick Carmody said the circumstances surrounding the crash - the speed, the opened bottle of alcohol, the child's involvement and the turned-off headlights - are "shocking."

"Any homicide by vehicle is tragic ... but what's unusual in this case is the extreme recklessness of it," Carmody said from his office.

Carmody said he is still working to determine what sentence he will ask a judge to hand out. But he said Quercetti opting to go to prison now will "make sense to the public because she's off the street."

The move also helps her earn credit in Chester County Prison toward her anticipated state prison sentence, Carmody said.

After Quercetti was taken to prison, state trooper Corey Monthei read a prepared statement at the Avondale barracks.
"Our thoughts are with both families involved in this tragic accident," Monthei said.
Iwaniec graduated from the state police academy in January. Cpl. Steven Ranck, one of the crash's investigators, was Iwaniec's supervisor. Ranck said less than a week before Iwaniec's death he was put into a patrol car on his own.

"He was a great guy ... a real bubbly person," Ranck said. "There's no doubt in my mind he would've made an excellent state trooper."

Iwaniec was born Dec. 18, 1983, in Greensburg to parents Kenneth and Debra Garchar Iwaniec of Ligonier. He had three sisters. He was engaged to marry Julie Kromer of Greensburg.

At Ligonier Valley High School, he played football and ice hockey before graduating in 2002.
A 2007 graduate of St. Vincent's College, Iwaniec was a devout Catholic who acted as an altar server for more than 10 years at St. Boniface Parish in Chestnut Ridge. Then, while at the academy, he regularly helped set up for Saturday night Mass.

After an April 4 funeral at St. Vincent Basilica Parish, roughly 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Iwaniec was buried at Fairmont Cemetery in Cook Township. Roughly 160 state troopers attended the services with hundreds of Iwaniec's family members and friends.

To contact staff writer Jennifer Miller, send an e-mail to jmiller@dailylocal.com

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mom & Dad are Not Stuck on Stupid, but Jr is!

Gee, Mom & Dad are stupid, they won't question 10lbs of fertilizer being deliverd, they'll think I'm in 4H or something! Good job to Mom & Dad for making the difficult call to the police and turning in their own son.

April 21, CNN - (South Carolina) Teen could have made bomb in minutes, police say. A South Carolina high school senior arrested in an alleged bomb plot had the ingredients to assemble a bomb in minutes, police said Monday. The teenager was arrested Saturday after his parents called police when ten pounds of ammonium nitrate, an oxidizing agent in explosives, was delivered to their home, a police official said. The teen told authorities he had experimented with explosives in the past and that he planned to make several bombs to detonate at Chesterfield in a "Columbine followup," the official said. He planned out in detail his intentions for multiple explosions at the school and even recorded an audiotape meant to be heard after he attacked the school and killed himself, though he had not set a date for his plans, said the same source. The police chief said investigators are not aware of any accomplices. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/04/21/school.bomb.plot/


Friday, April 11, 2008

Dopehead Moron!

This is why they call it dope!
NEW CASTLE - Delaware State Police arrested a New Castle man early today in connection with drug charges after being called to investigate a man passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle.

Officers arrived in the area of Rodgers Road and New Castle Avenue at 12:54 a.m. There, a 2003 Ford Explorer had stopped in the intersection, still running, the driver passed out and unresponsive, police said.

Officers identified the operator as Edward J. Hightower, 34, of New Castle. Officers said they found marijuana in the vehicle, as well as suspected drug money.

Hightower, whom police described as impaired by alcohol, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, maintaining a vehicle for keeping marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while under the influence of alcohol. Bail information was not available.

Friday, March 28, 2008

God Speed Trooper Iwaniec

A sad day for the PA State Police. Rest Easy Brother.

Pa. trooper killed in head-on crash in Chester County
By TERRI SANGINITI • The News Journal • March 28, 2008

The trooper was identified as Kenton Iwaniec, 24, of Lancaster, Pa.

State police spokesman Cpl. Steve Ranck said the crash occurred about 10:20 p.m. Thursday on Pa. 41 at Mosquito Lane.

Ranck said 40-year-old Kristina M. Quercetti, of Landenberg, was driving south on Pa. 41 when she crossed the center line into the northbound lane and her 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe hit the driver’s side of a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado before plowing head-on into the trooper’s 2005 Hyundai Elantra.

The driver of the Silverado, Larry Keith, 64, of Ephrata, was wearing a seat belt and was not injured.

The trooper, who was also wearing a seat belt and whose airbag deployed, was flown to Christiana Hospital in Stanton where he was pronounced dead.

Ranck said the trooper was returning home when the crash occurred.

Quercetti suffered only minor injuries.

A 5-year-old passenger seated in a car safety seat in her car was not injured.

Both were taken by West Grove Fire Company’s ambulance to Christiana Hospital for treatment.

The cause of the fatal crash remains under investigation. No charges have been filed pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash or the events leading up to it to call Ranck at (610) 268-2022.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mumia Abul Jamal Should Die!

This is BS! Mumia murdered Danny Faulkner in cold blood and deserves to die for his crimes NOW! If it wasn't that he has become the poster child for the Anti Death Penalty crowd he'd have nothing to keep up his appeals with. I hope the judge can see that he still needs to die 26 years after he murdered a fine police officer. My prayers go out to his widow & the rest of his family. I used to work with his brother Tom who was a fine individual.

If you want the real story behind this murder check out, http://www.danielfaulkner.com/
Pa. court orders new penalty hearing for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Associated Press * March 27, 2008
PHILADELPHIA - A federal appeals court today upheld Mumia Abu-Jamal's conviction for murdering a Philadelphia police officer in 1981, but agreed with a lower court that he cannot be executed without a new penalty hearing.

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Abu-Jamal's conviction should stand, but that he should get a new sentencing hearing because of flawed jury instructions.

If prosecutors don't want to give him a new death penalty hearing, Abu-Jamal would be sentenced automatically to life in prison.

The former Black Panther had appealed his conviction, arguing that racism by the judge and prosecutors corrupted his 1982 conviction at the hands of a mostly white jury. Prosecutors, meanwhile, had appealed a federal judge's 2001 decision to grant Abu-Jamal a new sentencing hearing because of the allegedly flawed jury instructions.

A Philadelphia jury convicted Abu-Jamal of killing Officer Daniel Faulkner, 25, after th e patrolman pulled over Abu-Jamal's brother in an overnight traffic stop.

Since his trial, Abu-Jamal's name has become a rallying cry for activists of many stripes to take to the streets in both the United States and Europe.

Hundreds of people protested outside the federal building in Philadelphia in May and an overflow crowd - including legal scholars, students, lawyers, the policeman's widow and Abu-Jamal's brother - filled the courtroom when the appeals court heard arguments about the case.

The officer's widow, Maureen Faulkner, has kept her husband's memory alive over the years, and recently co-wrote a book about the case. The book, "Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain and Injustice," written with radio talk-show host Michael Smerconish, came out in December.

Few expect the fervor that permeates the case on both sides to die down, even with the appeal court's decision.

"Regardless of the decision, if anything it will heat up the outcry from people in the public," Mumia's lawyer, Robert R. Bryan of San Francisco, said in March. "I think the support from people not only here, but all across Europe will escalate."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4 to 20 Years for Theft?

OK, I realize that what she did was a crime and she broke the public's trust etc. However, I do feel that 4 to 20 is a bit harsh for what she did. Yes she stole a huge amount of money and even though she was ordered to pay restitution she will never be able to pay it all back but, 4 years in jail? I am sure that the space could be better used for someone who is a danger to society and deserves to be locked away. 4 years of house arrest or something along those lines maybe but not 4 years in a state prison.

Ridley woman craps out, gets jail in swindle           
By Marlene DiGiacomo
Carol Ackley, a former Ridley School District employee, was sentenced to 4 to 20 years in jail for stealing more than $570,000 from the district.

MEDIA COURTHOUSE - Carol Ackley gambled - and lost.
Ackley, 57, of the 300 block of Seventh Avenue, who ripped off the Ridley School District to the tune of more than half a million dollars to feed her gambling habit, lost more than money.

In the end she forfeited her freedom, devastated her family, and left a black mark on the district where both she and her husband earned their livelihood.

Dressed in prison red and remaining shackled, Ackley was sentenced Tuesday by Judge James Nilon to four to 20 years in a state prison to be followed by eight years probation. She has also turned over her pension benefits and other money to cover part of the restitution, which Deputy District Attorney Gregory Hurchalla expressed doubts she can ever fully repay.

Ackley was employed with the district for the past seven years and "used her position of trust" handling retired teachers' health insurance checks to steal $573,792.71, according to Hurchalla.

Ridley Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Ignatuk testified that none of the retired personnel lost any money since the district was reimbursed by its insurance carrier. He said the money involved monthly checks from retirees for payment of health benefits maintained by the district until they reached 65.

He added that during the time she stole the funds, the district lost more than $60,000 in interest on the money, which Nilon also ordered her to repay.

Defense attorney Kevin Wray argued that she had a serious gambling addiction and "needed a fix" by promptly depositing the stolen loot in slot machines from Chester to Las Vegas.

Wray also attempted to blame the auditors for not picking up on the losses over the seven-year period and noted that the district was insured.

Nilon said he was not impressed by that argument. The judge also explained that Ackley was not a "poverty-stricken" person who lacked education. He pointed out she held an associate degree in business from Temple and also had been employed previously for a bank.

Nilon termed it a "carefully set-up plan to bilk money" from the district.
Hurchalla pointed to testimony from Ignatuk that the records indicated no money was taken by her during the time when the auditors were around examining the books.

He said that proved she was not an "out-of-control gambler;" but "when the auditors are gone, it's off to Vegas we go."

Hurchalla also showed her tax returns, which in the year 2007 showed she had taken a "$75,000 hit" in gambling losses.
Ackley buried her head and sobs could be heard as her son Michael Harrison was on the stand and he began crying. "There's a hole in my heart right now," said Harrison. "She should get treatment - whatever she needs to help her."

Ackley also apologized to the township and to her family.
"Yes, it is an addiction. I was humiliated and I was ashamed ... I didn't know where to turn," she said.
The stocky Ackley, who stands just 4 feet 11 inches tall, pleaded guilty in January to charges including seven counts of theft by deception, unlawful use of a computer and forgery.

Herbert Ackley also was called to the stand by Wray. He said he and his wife of 20 years did everything together, including hitting the casinos.

Herbert Ackley, who also was employed with the district as a painter, denied knowing his spouse had taken the money. He did, however, acknowledge he was just a machine away during all of the gambling excursions, which included traveling to Nevada and spending time at pricey hotels and restaurants.

He said he was "shocked" when he found out last December about the stolen money, adding that his wife's arrest forced the family to put Christmas on hold.

"My head has been spinning ever since," said Ackley. He also expressed hope that she would receive treatment rather than imprisonment.

On cross-examination, Hurchalla questioned Ackley as to how he could be enjoying the perks of all the casino trips when the two earned about $70,000 yearly for a family of five. Ackley denied knowing the exact amount of his wife's salary.

He said he thought she was winning and he didn't have "a clue" she was using district money for their enjoyment.
Hurchalla asked Ackley whether he knew the rooms and fancy steak house dinners were being paid for by Ridley taxpayers.
"Not mine," Ackley responded.
Hurchalla told the court that during her stealing spree, she ripped off $80,000 a year.
The prosecutor indicated that her husband was not just along for the ride and suggested he may have had more knowledge of what was going on than he admitted.

Hurchalla added that Ackley was crafty in manipulating funds so that even the auditors did not detect a problem until just last year when a Wachovia banking official spotted an irregularity and the scheme began to unravel.

"She used her prior banking experience, as well as her intimate knowledge of the Ridley Township district to engage in a very clever scheme," said Hurchalla.