Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

Today, November 11th 2007 is Veteran’s day, a day which seems to mean so little to so many in this country. To most it’s another holiday where the banks are closed and the kids are off from school. To some it’s a chance to pickup bargains at the local big box store or mall. To those of us who have served and our families and close friends it’s another day all together. Veteran’s Day is a time to remember those who have served a greater cause than themselves, a grateful nation, and the freedom of those who seem to appreciate it the least.
This Veteran’s Day has a special meaning for me, having returned in May from a short deployment to Afghanistan I remember those who I served with and those who’s ramp ceremonies I attended. I was proud to honor those fallen warriors regardless of how hot it was on that concrete or how early in the morning it was. I was proud to serve amongst such great people.
So today, please take a moment to thank a Vet for the things that you enjoy, for your ability to decide if you want to go to work or not, for your ability to shop and buy most anything you wish, and for the very freedom that allows you to read this and me to write it without censorship or fear of being hauled off to some secret prison and tortured. The United States may not be a perfect utopia but it’s a whole hell of a sight better than many other places in this world.

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