Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dude, You Stepped In It!

So yesterday while running errands we came across an accident. No EMS or Police were there yet so I turned around and stopped to render assistance. One young woman had cut her knee and was shaken up from the whole incident. He car was probably totalled as well. I walked up with my crash bag to check on her and she was talking to her boyfriend or husband on the phone (I am not sure I didn't look for a ring). She was telling him that she had totalled her car and hurt her knee but he wasn't going to come to the scene or to the hospital so she called her mother instead! I kept thinking, "Dude, you stepped in it big time" He won't live that down for a long while and if I was her I'd dump his butt!

Things are still crazy here so I'm not blogging much but keep watching and maybe even commenting now and then to let me know that people are still reading my blog!

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