Friday, August 10, 2007

Home Invasion Shooting Justified

OK, so this family is outraged because the DA isn't going to try this man? These people need to get a reality check, it's a shame that because he was intoxicated and did something stupid this young man lost his life but the man who did the shooting was entirely justified. It's a shame that we as a society have failed to take responsibility for our actions anymore that it's always someone elses fault.

Shooting of home invaders was justified, Pa. jury says
Associated Press
Posted Friday, August 10, 2007 at 9:01 am
SOMERSET, Pa. - A man who shot two drunken men - one fatally - after they kicked their way into his apartment was justified in shooting them, a coroner's jury ruled.

Somerset County District Attorney Jerry Spangler dropped criminal homicide and other charges last year against Matthew Eperjesi, 29, of Indian Lake.

Perry Zimmerman, 33, of Indian Lake, was killed and Terry Mostoller, 33, of Berlin, was critically wounded in the April 2006 shooting.

A third man, Keith Custer, was not injured, but evidence at the coroner's inquest which ended Thursday showed all three men were extremely drunk when they arrived at Eperjesi's apartment. Custer said he, Zimmerman and Mostoller mistakenly believed Eperjesi's apartment was where a party was being held.

Eperjesi shot the men because he feared for his safety and only after warning the men he had called police and had a weapon.

"I thought at the very least they were going to come in and try to fight us," Eperjesi said. "If somebody kicks your door in, they're not coming in to say, 'Hi."'

But an attorney for Zimmerman's family vowed to press for criminal charges in Zimmerman's death.

"The Zimmermans are disappointed and disillusioned at a DA who's the most pro-criminal DA in the state," attorney Noah Geary said. "They are also, as am I, bewildered by the state police in this case who obviously don't know what murder is.

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