Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th 2007

Today we celebrate the 231st anniversary of our freedom. In May we celebrated the hero's who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Today we celebrate the freedoms that we have, we are free to criticize our government, our neighbors, or even our family with out fear of Government retribution. We are free to travel anywhere in the US on this wonderful day, we can gather with friends and family or we can spend the day alone. We are free to chose what we do and how we do it on this wonderful day because 231 years ago some very brave men decided they had, had enough of the dictatorial rule of England and signed a document which established the United States of America. If you look at it, there is huge meaning in that name, we are a group of States united to form one country, while the states, and the people retain their liberties we are united in our defense, in our governing, and in our helping each other out. It is really an awesome thing to consider just what we really have and what we have given for it. Today, take a moment to consider this and to consider that many miles away there are men and women on the front lines putting their lives on the line to bring this type of freedom to people who have never known it!

This morning we went back to my hometown for their local parade, it was fun to see old friends and to be back home again for a short bit. My parents met us there and it was a nice time to sit and watch the parade together. The local fire companies were out showing off their apparatus and there were floats from many organizations as well as antique cars, bands, and lots and lots of candy for the little ones. The parade was a sucess and fortunatly the clouds held back the rain and kept it a bit cooler than normal to make for a very nice day.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy July 4th.

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