Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rest Easy Brothers

Today I mourn the loss of 9 of my fire service brothers. The Charleston SC FD lost 9 brave men yesterday. They responded to a fire in a furniture store and while at least 2 victims were rescued 9 firefighters gave the ultimate sacrifice when the roof of the store collapsed on them. Story Here
One person today asked me why they would go into a store like that when it would be safer to fight the fire from the outside. While I was not there and don't know all the details I can sum things up a bit. Given the time of the day, 6:30pm and the fact that the store was occupied by at least 2 employees there really wasn't much choice in the matter. At that time of the evening there was a very good chance that a number of people could have been trapped inside. The choice was clear and the brothers responded.

So please keep the families and friends of the fallen brothers in your prayers.

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