Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Afghan Chronicles Vol 3

The movie "Groundhog Day" is referred to alot in deployed locations. Most of us can relate to Bill Murray's character who keeps reliving the same day over and over. The only difference is that our days are occasionally punctuated by moments of terror or violence. My days started around 0530 everyday, I walked about a 50 yards to the shower then back to my hooch. Then after putting on my uniform, and my battle rattle I headed to work. The battle rattle (helmet & vest) were not mandatory at that hour but it was easier to wear it than carry it. After dropping my stuff off at work I would usually head over for a quick breakfast before starting work aroun 0645. My days were filled with various networking chores including creating new user accounts and troubleshooting problems. Most things could be handled in the office either by talking the user through something or remotely operating their PC. Other times though we had to head over to the other side and handle the problems. Of course we usually tried to time this around lunch time so we could eat over there. They fed us close to the same thing on our side but it came in plastic containers and was at times luke warm, plus there wasn't much selection. Work ended around 1900 or so but most of us hung around for a bit playing computer games or chatting w/ folks back home via e-mail. Then it was off to bed to do it all over again the following day.

This is how things went day to day, but occasionally things changed and of course there was always the fun of the unexpected rocket attack to bring things into perspective. I was fortunate to experience 6 such attacks while there, including one while we were all in the middle of a urinealysis! We were all waiting in line in a test for our turn to give a sample for drug testing, all of us had been drinking water for at least an hour to prepare for the test. Of course someone joked that it would be a funny time for a rocket attack! Well that person almost got lynched because it wasn't 5 minutes later that one took place. We were stuck in the tent for over 40 minutes before the all clear was given! Then we could continue our testing! Needless to say most of us had no problem by then giving a sample!

That is all for now, tommorrow I will try and post some more of my trip and some more photos.

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