Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vicki Update

I guess the hospital you go to makes a huge difference. This morning the Doc’s at Christiana looked at her films from the cardiac cath done @ Chester County, they decided to do another cath to look around and see what could be done before making a decision to do a bypass. They had trouble with the artery in her leg so they ended up going into her other arm so now she has big bruises on both arms. They found some blockages of several arteries and did confirm that the original stent was 95% blocked. So they put in a new stent in that location and another in the other artery that was blocked. Vicki is doing much better, there will have to be some serious lifestyle changes for us both, but she is doing much better and she didn’t need bypass surgery after all. While I really like my cardiologist and I respect the crew that works with him I am glad we decided to change hospitals and go back to the folks who originally took care of her heart attack. She most likely will be released tomorrow morning sometime then will be resting at home. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and concerns.

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