Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vicki Update

Vicki is back in Christiana hospital. We started out Tues at the Cardiologist for a routine echo cardiogram. When they heard she has been having occasional chest pains they were concerened, this combined w/ some things they saw on the echo had them admit her to Chester County where they are affiliated with so they could do a cardiac catheterization. They did that this afternoon, and found that the stent they put in back in Jan was nearly completely blocked already and the other artery which was about 60% blocked in Jan was now over 70% blocked. Their plan was to do bypass surgery on Tues after getting her off of the Plavix. Well the folks at Chester County are nice and I really like my cardiologist who is now seeing us both but we didn’t feel comfortable with such a serious procedure at Chester County, we both felt that Christiana was a better choice and that our experience there when she initially had the heart attack was very favorable. They are a Trauma center and a teaching hospital so they have docs on staff 24/7 and their cardiac care is much better. From our experience before they have a cardiologist, not a resident but a fully fellowed Cardiologist on site 24/7, so we had her transferred there this evening by ambulance. So I will keep everyone advised on where we will go from here. The docs there have all of the video from the cardiac cath so they will determine their plan of care.

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