Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time Out

I will be taking some time off from writing about my adventures in Afghanistan.

Vicki is back in the hospital. We went to the cardiologist yesterday for an Echocardiogram. It has been scheduled for a while but she has been having chest pains off and on since the heart attack. Nothing serious in our eyes though. When we told the staff this they said we had to see the doc, he read the echo data and took and EKG then decided he wanted to do more to be sure she didn't have another heart attack so we were off to the ER. Well like every other hospital in America they have no bed space. So we sat in the ER from about 1:15 yesterday afternoon until nearly 9pm. She is now in a room and they plan on doing a cardiac catheterization sometime today. Hopefully if all goes well she'll be back home in a couple of days. Once we are back up and running again I will resume my regularly scheduled program.

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