Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heading Home?

            I am hoping to be heading home in the near future, however travel issues may delay me a bit. So far this has been an interesting trip, I have experienced rocket attacks, dust storms, and many other events. I have witnessed the military brotherhood in full force and have had the pleasure of working with military folks from Canada, Australia, and the UK. I have taken a load of photos and gotten many more that others have shared. Unfortunately I haven't been able to put them up here, because I can only e-mail my posts to the blog. I will put some up whenever I get home and also plan on doing a video with a number of photos on it.


            I truly appreciate the warm comments, e-mails, etc that I have received wishing me well over here. While it has only been a short trip compared to many others who are here or in other garden spots of the world, it has not been the easiest trip for myself or my wife. We have managed though and I think it has helped us on several levels. My sacrifices for this trip pale in comparison to her's. She has taken on the entire management of the household, the pets, and anything else under the sun while at the same time completing a couple of projects including repainting & recaulking the shower stall so that it would be ready for me when I return home.


            This trip has allowed me to see that our job over here is important, regardless of what many in our country will tell you we are doing it right and we are making a difference. There are a few thousand less bad guys on the face of the earth because of our efforts, but we are far from finished. Until the people here are free to govern themselves and are free from terrorist scumbags who do things that even Hitler would probably find disturbing, our job will not be complete, we owe them that much at least. For those who say this isn't our job, than who's job is it? At the very base of it all, it's not about politics, countries, or religions, it's about helping a fellow human being realize the dream of being free to live their life w/out fear of armed men dragging them from their homes simply because they are there, or of having their pr operty taken from them for no reason other than someone with a guy and a bad attitude wanted it. Many of the information I have seen I cannot share, however I will say this, you can take me at my word, we are winning and there are a number of men and women out there in harms way every single day living in absolute crap conditions who would not trade places with anyone on this earth. They know the real reason behind the job we do and they take comfort in the fact that they are making a difference so they will not have to fight the bad guys on the streets of smalltown USA. Many of these men and women are not even old enough to legally drink in the US but they are putting their lives on the line so others in this world may know the freedoms so many of us take for granted everyday. Before we started this fight to elimina te the Taliban and other assorted a$$hats from this country they ruled it with an iron fist, if you didn't follow their religion to the letter, if you didn't do exactly as they said, or if they just didn't like the way you looked, it was over. You were killed, no trial, no judgement, nothing, just Bang or Slice and you were dead, if your family was there to witness it so much the better. If your family complained or attempted to stop you, well they received the same fate or worse. So, the next time someone tells you that we have no business over here or that it's not our problem, just tell them to google Taliban and see for themselves some of the things that we have saved these people from. The Afghan people are good hard working people and all of those who I have had the occasion to meet have been friendly, courteous and appreciative of our efforts here.



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