Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Afghan Chronicles Vol 1

Well now that I am back home I will try and recap the trip and it’s highlights for everyone. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and comments during my incredibly short time overseas.

I left BWI late on April 1st on a large commercial jet, we stopped twice before reaching our final destination of Ganci AB which is near Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. There we got more goodies from Uncle Sam (chemical suits, body armor, etc), and waited for some military transport. After a bit we were lined up on a C-17 to Bagram Afghanistan. It was not a long ride, which is fortunate because as you can see above we were cramped in there pretty tight.

Once we arrived in Bagram we had to find a ride onward to Kandahar. I was traveling with a group of folks from a Rescue Squadron from Patrick AFB FL. They were great to hang with and were able to quickly secure us a ride on a C-130. the only problem would be the room on the C-130 for our luggage. They could only take one pallet and we had two. So the amazing folks at the Aerial Port set to work and consolidated all of our stuff onto one pallet which would fit on a C-130! I still have no idea how they did it but it was amazing to watch.

It took a bit to get airborne though as there were a flock of birds at the end of the runway creating a hazard so we had to wait for someone to clear them away. Then were were airborne and off to our final destination, Kandahar AFB Afghanistan, our home for the next 30 plus days. I’ll include more of that later though. For now I hope you enjoy the photos.

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