Saturday, May 26, 2007

Afghan Chronicles Part II

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program. Vicki is home now and doing better so hopefully I can continue with my trip info.

Arrival at Kandahar was interesting, we were met by one of my guys from DE and our commander. They helped us get out luggage and stuff and took us over to Camp Palamino where we would live and work. We moved our luggage into our hooches in our tents. I ended up with a small one on the back end of the tent but it was only temporary, once the guy I was relieving returned home I took over his hooch. It was much more spacious and even had a fridge in it.

After putting our stuff in we got the lay of the land, got our ammo and got something to eat. Then we settled into our ground hog day routine for the next month.

The following day I started working and started to do some of my paperwork to get a restricted area badge and other stuff I would need to do my job each day. We visited our headquarters area named Camp Samek named for Airman First Class Jesse Samek a flight engineer on an HH-60 helicopter assigned to the 66th Rescue Squadron. A1C Samek died during a medevac mission on Oct 21st 2004.

At Camp Samek we met the various people in charge and took care of some of our paperwork etc. Once this was done we enjoyed a nice lunch and took some time to shop at the BX. Then it was back over to Palomino for more work.

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