Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well the days are counting down and the heat is going up. So far it's been quiet here for the most part. For some reason I am tired today and don't feel very motivated. Worked a little extra last night plus had another rocket alert but nothing serious. Hopefully I might feel up to checking in on some of the blogs tonite. I did read an excellent post by Subsunk on Blackfive today. Retired General McCaffery has completed his assessment of the current situation in Iraq and he pulls no punches in his report. Check it out Here. In case anyone questions Gen McCaffery's qualifications to release such a report he is currently an Adjunct Professor of International Af fairs at USMA West Point and before his retirement he served as the Commander of the US Southern Command, was the commander of the 24th Infantry Division (Mech) during Desert Storm. His commendations include 2 Distinguished Service Crosses which are the nations 2nd highest award for Valor, 2 Silver Starts and 3 purple hearts in addition to countless other medals. Upon his retirement he was the most highly decorated 4 Star General in the U.S Army. Gen McCaffery knows about war, combat, and international relations. Hopefully our elected leaders will take heed of his counsel and see that this war must be won and we cannot turn tail or run without having to fight an even bigger and bloodier war in the future and very possibly on our home turf as well. It's easy for America to forget the war, there is no rationing like WWII, no threat of enemy U Boats sinking passenger ships in the atlantic. No need to watch the coast for enemy aircraft who might strike our major cities so nobody cares about the war, it's just something that fills the time in the news before the sports come on. Maybe when (yes When, not If) terrorists start attacking us with IEDs & VBIEDs at home people will wake up. But then again maybe not, they only woke up for a few months following 9/11 then hit the snooze bar again for another 20 years of sleep.

            I know from your comments I am preaching to the choir here but the people of our country need to get their heads out of their butts and realize that this is a war not for oil or control of the middle east, it is a war against an enemy who is committed to ridding the world of all Infidel's and especially American & Jewish Infidels. We need to act on this now or the next generation will be fighting these people in the streets of small town USA!


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