Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday in the War

Today I had a nice day off, more or less. I slept in a bit, a welcomed pleasure, then went to church in our small chapel tent. We talked about God as our Cornerstone and what it meant, it's interesting to have a service with only a few people. After that I chatted w/ my wife for a little bit by e-mails back and forth then we had to form up for our big group photo. Fortunately the skys were slightly cloudy so we weren't in the blazing sun until right before the picture. It turned out nicely and will be a nice thing to look back on years from now. Following that my commander and I had a nice lunch together since I rode over with him. He is a great guy and a great leader.
This afternoon we had a very short but heavy downpour of rain but it did nothing to help the dust in the air as it was accompanied by some serious winds. I spent the afternoon finishing The Blogs of War by Matt from Blackfive. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested Milblogs or the lives of the military member. I will warn you however that there are some parts that will move you to tears, but followers of the various milblogs should already know that.
Right now it's nearly 1930hrs and I am winding down my day and preparing for a new week and new challeges. I am sure it will be another interesting week and I will try and keep those who are reading my blog informed. I am sorry I don't have any real riveting stories to tell but life here while dangerous to a point in pretty sedate. I am working my way through the comments and the links when I can get time on the Morale PC's with open access to the net. I still read your comments via e-mail but I cannot view the links to most blogs. I do appreciate knowing that others are reading my work and I certainly enjoy seeing your comments. For those of you reading this in the Northeast, be careful with the ice and snow, I know it is miserable, I will try and send some of our 100 degree temps your way.
From a Hot, dusty place in Afghanistan, Chuck AKA Tully Mars Sends.

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