Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rest Easy Brothers

    I found a very good article concerning the combat death's of the 6 Canadian troops who we sent off the other night. The article is located Here. Since 2002 52 Canadians have given their lives for the war on terror. This is not their fight, they were not directly attacked by any terror group, yet they are here because the fight is just and because if we do not fight the terrorists here than we will fight them on our soil in the future. Retreat or withdrawal as the MSM & Congress call it is not an option in Iraq or in Afghanistan. This is a war against a determined and intelligent enemy. While it is different than the past wars the so called scholars a nd experts have studied, it is still a war. Troops are fighting with no clearly drawn lines or even a clearly defined and uniformed enemy. Today's terrorist does not have a uniform or even a common denominator, they are men and women, adults and children, Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, etc. Unlike WWII where most troops knew when they encountered a squad or platoon of German Soldiers, today's troops do not have that luxury. Today's enemy blends in with the civilian populous and uses unconventional means to kill it's enemies.


The Names of those killed are:

Sgt Donald Lucas

Cpl Aaron Williams

Cpl Christopher Paul Stannix

Private Vincent Kennedy

Private David Robert Greenslade


The identity of the 6th victim has not been released at the request of the family.


Rest Easy Brothers, your fight was for a noble cause and your service and sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

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