Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Photo

I am not sure if this will work or not. I have not been able to view my blog as all Blogger & Blogspot is blocked. Also, this means I haven't been able to view the blogs linked to mine. I will try and do that this evening in our morale internet tent.
Anyways I am trying to attach a photo here which hopefully will post in the message. If someone could comment and let me know if it does or not I would appreciate it. The photo is of me at the bazaar last week with some locals. The weather is heating up over here so it's water water water to drink.

UPDATE: I was unable to post the photo by e-mail but I am at a Morale PC where I can finally get to my Blog, Blogger & other Blogs. So, I added the photos. I will now be able to check out some of the blogs linked to me but that will wait for another day. It is late, I am tired and others want to access the PC's too. So for now, thank you everyone for the well wishes, trackbacks and links.

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