Friday, April 13, 2007

More People Who Suck!

These people make me sick!


Denver Post Article


The only good thing is the voting on the page shows that a good number of people support putting up the statue. I have read many accounts of the battle where Danny Deitz, Mike Murphy, and Matthew Axelson lost their lives. In fact Lt Murphy is being considered for the Medal of Honor, the highest honor this nation can bestow on it's military members. These fine men died defending the very freedom that allows sheep like Linda Cuesta to protest putting up a statue that "glorifies violence". These folks just don't friggin get it! They have no idea the real cost of freedom and they will never understand that the very reason they have their high paying jobs, big McMansions, Multiple SUV's and vacation home is because brave men like Danny Deitz stand ready to defend this country. These men willing go forward and are willing to sacrafice their very lives for our coun try yet none of them could even begin to imagine being able to afford a home in a rich suburb like Littleton CO. Of course most of them wouldn't want to live around a bunch of sheep like that anyways, they might offend them by wearing a SEAL team T-Shirt or something else that glorifies violence.


To Linka Cuesta and the others who would protest this statue and lump hero's like Danny Deitz into the same boat as the two spoiled morons who shot up their school I say this "You Suck!"  Also, have yourself a big heaping helping of STFU!


There is a great article and some great comments on  Blackfive concerning this.



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