Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Media Lies Exposed!

It's sad that in today's world the majority of the news you read/hear/watch is a mere shred of the actual truth. I am sure that many of the stories from Iraq & Afghanistan are only what the MSM wants us to believe and are a figment of a liberal dominated media who want nothing more than to show how bad everything is in the war. Has anyone heard of US Military members giving school supplies to the children of Afghanistan's soldiers? Well it's true I have seen the proof and worked with someone who has done it. Have you heard about the wheelchair that a DE Army G uard unit got for a young Iraqi boy with no legs? It's true, I have seen the photos from those who were there. There are countless stories such as this that never see the light of day because they don't fit into the "George Bush is Evil and this whole war thing is wrong" category of the MSM. If you are reading my blog or getting this in an e-mail from me, then I am probably preaching to the choir here but feel free to forward this on to your more liberal friends, co-workers and enemies.


This story is a glaring example of that. Everyone heard about or read about the capture of Pvt Jessica Lynch in the early days of the war, there were several full hour news shows dedicated to this important event. Most chose to try and blame the Bush Administration, The Army, and anyone else they could think of for her capture. Most failed to give credit to the many who bravely sacrificed their lives on that night in Iraq.


Richard Lowry has the real story Here. He also tells much more of this story and the daring rescue of Pvt Lynch in his book "Marines in the Garden of Eden"


In other news, I have to agree with Uncle Jimbo @ BlackFive that the actions of Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are nothing short of Treason and they should be tried in court for their actions. Check it out Here


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