Monday, April 09, 2007

Military Brotherhood

The other nite I witnessed an awesome display of military brotherhood. I had the sad privilege of attending a ceremony to witness a Soldier's casket being placed into a C-17 for transport to the mortuary at Dover AFB. While it was not mandatory the attendance was high and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

            We arrived at the appointed time and formed up into a group with the Army personnel. To our left was a group of the Canadian's, once we were formed up we were marched to the rear of the aircraft where we formed a line several rows deep, then the Canadians marched in and formed up across from us. Then followed numerous other countries who formed up. Once everyone was in place a hummer arrived and the pall bearer detail approached and removed the casket. We all saluted and held our salute until the procession was on the aircraft. The priest led the small procession down the tarmac infront of us and into the aircraft while a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace followed. I had the fortune of being in the front row of the formation, and as the casket passed and the piper played I felt a chill run through my body.


While I don't know the name of the young man who was sent off, I do know that he was a military brother. God Speed My Brother, until we meet again on Fiddler's Green.

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