Thursday, April 19, 2007

God Speed FF Kyle Wilson

On April 16th, FF Wilson and his brother firefighters from OWL Station 12 in Woodbridge VA were dispatched to a reported structure fire. Given the alarm time of 6:03am and the presence of vehicles in the driveway of the single family home arriving crews conducted an aggressive interior search and rescue effort. Initially the conditions inside the residence were clear with little smoke, enabling FF Wilson and Lt Jason Reese to search the large master bedroom on the second floor while standing up. During this search conditions rapidly deteriorated, the resulting thick black smoke reduced visibility to near zero and a tremendous amount of heat quickly forced both firefighters to the floor. Both Lt Reese & FF Wilson attempted to immediately exit the structure together. At this time the roof and ceiling collapsed into the second floor. Lt Reese was thrown down the steps by the collapse and FF Wilson became trapped on the second floor. A MAYDAY was quickly called and FF Wilson was able to activate the emergency button on his radio and provide a report on his location and condition. Lt Reese and several other crews made a courageous effort to rescue FF Wilson but were not able to reach him in time.


Details Courtesy of Funeral Details are available at the Prince William County VA Website


Rest Easy my Brother.

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