Friday, April 13, 2007

First Week is Done!

I think I messed up posting this earlier, rough nights sleep and feeling ½ lousy didn't help I think I sent it to the wrong Blog address. Anyways, I have been here a little over a week and am settling into the groundhog day routine. With only 30 days here I have nothing to complain about. I truly feel for the guys and girls who have it much worse than I do, some of the FOB's are nasty places to spend time and others don't even have a FOB, they are out on patrol for a few days at a time. I feel fortunate that I have a bed to sleep on in a tent w/ good A/C and I for the most part work in a tent w/ A/C. I have 4 hot meals a day here and lots of other goodies so I feel pretty fortunate on this deployment, it's far from being Disney World but it's better than average.


This morning we sent 2 more of our Canadian brothers home, they gave the ultimate sacrifice while escorting a convoy, they were hit with an IED. I for one truly appreciate the sacrifices our Canadian brothers have given as of late. I didn't make the ceremony today and I feel bad about it but between my not feeling well and the standing and marching I felt it better to sit this one out. Hopefully there will not be any more ceremonies like that while I am here and for a long time after I am gone.


I would also like to take a moment to thank those who have posted comments and who have linked to me, and to especially thank Gazing At the Flag for her support and for letting people know about my blog. I am honored and humbled that people actually want to read what I have to say and about my experiences over here. I truly believe that what we are doing here and in Iraq is the right thing to do and that it must be finished, we cannot quit, we cannot withdrawal or scale back, we must finish this job or the deaths of our brothers and sisters will have been in vain.


Also, while I am at it check out Michael Yon's article on a firefight between the British & the Iraqi insurgents that he witnessed first hand as an embedded reporter. Very gripping work and it shows that our British brothers are very up to the task of battle in Iraq.


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