Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus Who Cares!

Ok, so Don Imus said something really stupid, racist, and disrespectul on the air. 1st they suspended his show then they dropped it and now he's fire. What's the big news? If I made a comment like that at work I would expect to be fired also, as would most anyone I have talked to. So please let's just let it go and move on. This has been in the news for the last several days yet the news seemed to miss anything about the 6 Canadian Hero's who gave their life in the war. The local DE paper covered an awesome story about a mother of a fallen Marine and aspiring writer in DE who is publishing experts from his journals, e-mails and IM's to tell his story, but none of the MSM picked up this story. We are too busy with Don Imus, SanJay on American Idol, and the rest of the crap to worry about the important things. One statement I read in the book The War Blogs by Matt at Blackfive is we are a military at war not a country at war. It is so very true, we are more concerned about stupid crap than about a proposal to chicken out in the war and the BS that goes along with that stopping the flow of money to buy the items necessary to fight this war. America needs to get a grip!
End of Rant!

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