Friday, April 06, 2007

A Day in the War

Well, sometimes it seems hard to believe that we are in a war zone and in danger but it is a busy life over here. I am not anywhere as dangerous as many others who are here. I came in w/ a young man from the mid west who is a military policeman with a guard unit. He is 21 years old and will be heading out to somewhere in Afghanistan where others in his unit already are. He has no idea when they will be sent home. I feel fortunate to only be here a short period. Though we work 12 hours a day plus some additional duties it's really not all that bad. The chow is pretty good and the living conditions are OK. They are not five star but they are survivable for the time I am here.

I am unable to access my blog from here so everything must be sent via e-mail which means I can't proof the syntax on how things display and I am can not add photos.

Also, I wanted to thank my fellow blogger gazing at the flag for her warm wishes and the great care package!

From somewhere in Afganistan Chuck AKA Tully Mars Sends.

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