Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Day in the Sand!

I apologize for not posting anything as of late. I haven't had much to say and wonder about OPSEC on some things. So I'll post a few things from home and some info on my days here.


Back home I see that the great folks from the Patriot Guard Riders did an awesome job of welcoming home a Marine Reserve Unit from Philadelphia and a young Marine who's father rides for the Phila PD Highway Patrol. Wayne Lutz has some great photos of these events and other Patriot Guard events on his website. Make sure you check out his great slide show presentations as well. Incidently a good friend of mine's husband rode in this ride. Great Job Rich!


In other news we lost 9 Soldiers today in Iraq from a VBIED obviously from the religion of peace folks. Fox News has the story here. The family and friends of these fellow warriors will be in my prayers. Rest Easy Brother's.


My time here is counting down, I am working on my return travel arrangements and hopefully will have a date soon. Don't look for it though as I can't say when it will be, all I will do is post from another far off land when I am on my way.


I wish I had more info to provide but I will be able to provide more photos and some details at a later time when they are not as fresh and I am no longer in country. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and support I have gotten and I wish you all well. I promise I will get to checking out the other blogs linked to me and updating my blog roll but getting time on the morale computers can be tough and they are very slow.


From somewhere in Afghanistan Chuck AKA Tully Mars Signing off!  

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