Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Media Lies Exposed!

It's sad that in today's world the majority of the news you read/hear/watch is a mere shred of the actual truth. I am sure that many of the stories from Iraq & Afghanistan are only what the MSM wants us to believe and are a figment of a liberal dominated media who want nothing more than to show how bad everything is in the war. Has anyone heard of US Military members giving school supplies to the children of Afghanistan's soldiers? Well it's true I have seen the proof and worked with someone who has done it. Have you heard about the wheelchair that a DE Army G uard unit got for a young Iraqi boy with no legs? It's true, I have seen the photos from those who were there. There are countless stories such as this that never see the light of day because they don't fit into the "George Bush is Evil and this whole war thing is wrong" category of the MSM. If you are reading my blog or getting this in an e-mail from me, then I am probably preaching to the choir here but feel free to forward this on to your more liberal friends, co-workers and enemies.


This story is a glaring example of that. Everyone heard about or read about the capture of Pvt Jessica Lynch in the early days of the war, there were several full hour news shows dedicated to this important event. Most chose to try and blame the Bush Administration, The Army, and anyone else they could think of for her capture. Most failed to give credit to the many who bravely sacrificed their lives on that night in Iraq.


Richard Lowry has the real story Here. He also tells much more of this story and the daring rescue of Pvt Lynch in his book "Marines in the Garden of Eden"


In other news, I have to agree with Uncle Jimbo @ BlackFive that the actions of Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are nothing short of Treason and they should be tried in court for their actions. Check it out Here


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Day in the Sand!

I apologize for not posting anything as of late. I haven't had much to say and wonder about OPSEC on some things. So I'll post a few things from home and some info on my days here.


Back home I see that the great folks from the Patriot Guard Riders did an awesome job of welcoming home a Marine Reserve Unit from Philadelphia and a young Marine who's father rides for the Phila PD Highway Patrol. Wayne Lutz has some great photos of these events and other Patriot Guard events on his website. Make sure you check out his great slide show presentations as well. Incidently a good friend of mine's husband rode in this ride. Great Job Rich!


In other news we lost 9 Soldiers today in Iraq from a VBIED obviously from the religion of peace folks. Fox News has the story here. The family and friends of these fellow warriors will be in my prayers. Rest Easy Brother's.


My time here is counting down, I am working on my return travel arrangements and hopefully will have a date soon. Don't look for it though as I can't say when it will be, all I will do is post from another far off land when I am on my way.


I wish I had more info to provide but I will be able to provide more photos and some details at a later time when they are not as fresh and I am no longer in country. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and support I have gotten and I wish you all well. I promise I will get to checking out the other blogs linked to me and updating my blog roll but getting time on the morale computers can be tough and they are very slow.


From somewhere in Afghanistan Chuck AKA Tully Mars Signing off!  

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Ramp Ceremony

Today is Sunday, a day off for me, a day to attend church in the morning and relax. I was up early however to pay my respects to another fallen warrior. This morning at 4am local we placed the casket of another warrior onto a C-17 for his final flight to Dover AFB. I do not have any details other than it was a soldier. As always it was a great honor to me to be able to participate in this solemn ceremony. Rest Easy Soldier, until we meet again on Fiddler's Green.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

God Speed FF Kyle Wilson

On April 16th, FF Wilson and his brother firefighters from OWL Station 12 in Woodbridge VA were dispatched to a reported structure fire. Given the alarm time of 6:03am and the presence of vehicles in the driveway of the single family home arriving crews conducted an aggressive interior search and rescue effort. Initially the conditions inside the residence were clear with little smoke, enabling FF Wilson and Lt Jason Reese to search the large master bedroom on the second floor while standing up. During this search conditions rapidly deteriorated, the resulting thick black smoke reduced visibility to near zero and a tremendous amount of heat quickly forced both firefighters to the floor. Both Lt Reese & FF Wilson attempted to immediately exit the structure together. At this time the roof and ceiling collapsed into the second floor. Lt Reese was thrown down the steps by the collapse and FF Wilson became trapped on the second floor. A MAYDAY was quickly called and FF Wilson was able to activate the emergency button on his radio and provide a report on his location and condition. Lt Reese and several other crews made a courageous effort to rescue FF Wilson but were not able to reach him in time.


Details Courtesy of Funeral Details are available at the Prince William County VA Website


Rest Easy my Brother.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well the days are counting down and the heat is going up. So far it's been quiet here for the most part. For some reason I am tired today and don't feel very motivated. Worked a little extra last night plus had another rocket alert but nothing serious. Hopefully I might feel up to checking in on some of the blogs tonite. I did read an excellent post by Subsunk on Blackfive today. Retired General McCaffery has completed his assessment of the current situation in Iraq and he pulls no punches in his report. Check it out Here. In case anyone questions Gen McCaffery's qualifications to release such a report he is currently an Adjunct Professor of International Af fairs at USMA West Point and before his retirement he served as the Commander of the US Southern Command, was the commander of the 24th Infantry Division (Mech) during Desert Storm. His commendations include 2 Distinguished Service Crosses which are the nations 2nd highest award for Valor, 2 Silver Starts and 3 purple hearts in addition to countless other medals. Upon his retirement he was the most highly decorated 4 Star General in the U.S Army. Gen McCaffery knows about war, combat, and international relations. Hopefully our elected leaders will take heed of his counsel and see that this war must be won and we cannot turn tail or run without having to fight an even bigger and bloodier war in the future and very possibly on our home turf as well. It's easy for America to forget the war, there is no rationing like WWII, no threat of enemy U Boats sinking passenger ships in the atlantic. No need to watch the coast for enemy aircraft who might strike our major cities so nobody cares about the war, it's just something that fills the time in the news before the sports come on. Maybe when (yes When, not If) terrorists start attacking us with IEDs & VBIEDs at home people will wake up. But then again maybe not, they only woke up for a few months following 9/11 then hit the snooze bar again for another 20 years of sleep.

            I know from your comments I am preaching to the choir here but the people of our country need to get their heads out of their butts and realize that this is a war not for oil or control of the middle east, it is a war against an enemy who is committed to ridding the world of all Infidel's and especially American & Jewish Infidels. We need to act on this now or the next generation will be fighting these people in the streets of small town USA!


I welcome any debate on this as I enjoy a good debate. My e-mail is

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday in the War

Today I had a nice day off, more or less. I slept in a bit, a welcomed pleasure, then went to church in our small chapel tent. We talked about God as our Cornerstone and what it meant, it's interesting to have a service with only a few people. After that I chatted w/ my wife for a little bit by e-mails back and forth then we had to form up for our big group photo. Fortunately the skys were slightly cloudy so we weren't in the blazing sun until right before the picture. It turned out nicely and will be a nice thing to look back on years from now. Following that my commander and I had a nice lunch together since I rode over with him. He is a great guy and a great leader.
This afternoon we had a very short but heavy downpour of rain but it did nothing to help the dust in the air as it was accompanied by some serious winds. I spent the afternoon finishing The Blogs of War by Matt from Blackfive. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested Milblogs or the lives of the military member. I will warn you however that there are some parts that will move you to tears, but followers of the various milblogs should already know that.
Right now it's nearly 1930hrs and I am winding down my day and preparing for a new week and new challeges. I am sure it will be another interesting week and I will try and keep those who are reading my blog informed. I am sorry I don't have any real riveting stories to tell but life here while dangerous to a point in pretty sedate. I am working my way through the comments and the links when I can get time on the Morale PC's with open access to the net. I still read your comments via e-mail but I cannot view the links to most blogs. I do appreciate knowing that others are reading my work and I certainly enjoy seeing your comments. For those of you reading this in the Northeast, be careful with the ice and snow, I know it is miserable, I will try and send some of our 100 degree temps your way.
From a Hot, dusty place in Afghanistan, Chuck AKA Tully Mars Sends.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Photo

I am not sure if this will work or not. I have not been able to view my blog as all Blogger & Blogspot is blocked. Also, this means I haven't been able to view the blogs linked to mine. I will try and do that this evening in our morale internet tent.
Anyways I am trying to attach a photo here which hopefully will post in the message. If someone could comment and let me know if it does or not I would appreciate it. The photo is of me at the bazaar last week with some locals. The weather is heating up over here so it's water water water to drink.

UPDATE: I was unable to post the photo by e-mail but I am at a Morale PC where I can finally get to my Blog, Blogger & other Blogs. So, I added the photos. I will now be able to check out some of the blogs linked to me but that will wait for another day. It is late, I am tired and others want to access the PC's too. So for now, thank you everyone for the well wishes, trackbacks and links.

Friday, April 13, 2007

More People Who Suck!

These people make me sick!


Denver Post Article


The only good thing is the voting on the page shows that a good number of people support putting up the statue. I have read many accounts of the battle where Danny Deitz, Mike Murphy, and Matthew Axelson lost their lives. In fact Lt Murphy is being considered for the Medal of Honor, the highest honor this nation can bestow on it's military members. These fine men died defending the very freedom that allows sheep like Linda Cuesta to protest putting up a statue that "glorifies violence". These folks just don't friggin get it! They have no idea the real cost of freedom and they will never understand that the very reason they have their high paying jobs, big McMansions, Multiple SUV's and vacation home is because brave men like Danny Deitz stand ready to defend this country. These men willing go forward and are willing to sacrafice their very lives for our coun try yet none of them could even begin to imagine being able to afford a home in a rich suburb like Littleton CO. Of course most of them wouldn't want to live around a bunch of sheep like that anyways, they might offend them by wearing a SEAL team T-Shirt or something else that glorifies violence.


To Linka Cuesta and the others who would protest this statue and lump hero's like Danny Deitz into the same boat as the two spoiled morons who shot up their school I say this "You Suck!"  Also, have yourself a big heaping helping of STFU!


There is a great article and some great comments on  Blackfive concerning this.



First Week is Done!

I think I messed up posting this earlier, rough nights sleep and feeling ½ lousy didn't help I think I sent it to the wrong Blog address. Anyways, I have been here a little over a week and am settling into the groundhog day routine. With only 30 days here I have nothing to complain about. I truly feel for the guys and girls who have it much worse than I do, some of the FOB's are nasty places to spend time and others don't even have a FOB, they are out on patrol for a few days at a time. I feel fortunate that I have a bed to sleep on in a tent w/ good A/C and I for the most part work in a tent w/ A/C. I have 4 hot meals a day here and lots of other goodies so I feel pretty fortunate on this deployment, it's far from being Disney World but it's better than average.


This morning we sent 2 more of our Canadian brothers home, they gave the ultimate sacrifice while escorting a convoy, they were hit with an IED. I for one truly appreciate the sacrifices our Canadian brothers have given as of late. I didn't make the ceremony today and I feel bad about it but between my not feeling well and the standing and marching I felt it better to sit this one out. Hopefully there will not be any more ceremonies like that while I am here and for a long time after I am gone.


I would also like to take a moment to thank those who have posted comments and who have linked to me, and to especially thank Gazing At the Flag for her support and for letting people know about my blog. I am honored and humbled that people actually want to read what I have to say and about my experiences over here. I truly believe that what we are doing here and in Iraq is the right thing to do and that it must be finished, we cannot quit, we cannot withdrawal or scale back, we must finish this job or the deaths of our brothers and sisters will have been in vain.


Also, while I am at it check out Michael Yon's article on a firefight between the British & the Iraqi insurgents that he witnessed first hand as an embedded reporter. Very gripping work and it shows that our British brothers are very up to the task of battle in Iraq.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Are We Here!

Matt @ Blackfive has an awesome post Here about the loss of Marine Sgt Marcus Golzynski. In a letter to his family Sgt Golzynski summed it up pretty good. He like many of us in the various AO's (Area of Operation) over here are doing this so that others will not have to experience this at home.


To those who would use the heart wrenching photo of Sgt Golzynski's son bravely accepting his father's flag from LtCol Ric Thompson at the funeral I have a lot of things to say but I will put it nicely here, "You Suck!" That's as nice as I can put it, there are plenty of other words I have to say but I want my blog to be clean.


God Speed Marine. Your Brothers & Sisters in the Corp will care for your family.

Don Imus Who Cares!

Ok, so Don Imus said something really stupid, racist, and disrespectul on the air. 1st they suspended his show then they dropped it and now he's fire. What's the big news? If I made a comment like that at work I would expect to be fired also, as would most anyone I have talked to. So please let's just let it go and move on. This has been in the news for the last several days yet the news seemed to miss anything about the 6 Canadian Hero's who gave their life in the war. The local DE paper covered an awesome story about a mother of a fallen Marine and aspiring writer in DE who is publishing experts from his journals, e-mails and IM's to tell his story, but none of the MSM picked up this story. We are too busy with Don Imus, SanJay on American Idol, and the rest of the crap to worry about the important things. One statement I read in the book The War Blogs by Matt at Blackfive is we are a military at war not a country at war. It is so very true, we are more concerned about stupid crap than about a proposal to chicken out in the war and the BS that goes along with that stopping the flow of money to buy the items necessary to fight this war. America needs to get a grip!
End of Rant!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rest Easy Brothers

    I found a very good article concerning the combat death's of the 6 Canadian troops who we sent off the other night. The article is located Here. Since 2002 52 Canadians have given their lives for the war on terror. This is not their fight, they were not directly attacked by any terror group, yet they are here because the fight is just and because if we do not fight the terrorists here than we will fight them on our soil in the future. Retreat or withdrawal as the MSM & Congress call it is not an option in Iraq or in Afghanistan. This is a war against a determined and intelligent enemy. While it is different than the past wars the so called scholars a nd experts have studied, it is still a war. Troops are fighting with no clearly drawn lines or even a clearly defined and uniformed enemy. Today's terrorist does not have a uniform or even a common denominator, they are men and women, adults and children, Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, etc. Unlike WWII where most troops knew when they encountered a squad or platoon of German Soldiers, today's troops do not have that luxury. Today's enemy blends in with the civilian populous and uses unconventional means to kill it's enemies.


The Names of those killed are:

Sgt Donald Lucas

Cpl Aaron Williams

Cpl Christopher Paul Stannix

Private Vincent Kennedy

Private David Robert Greenslade


The identity of the 6th victim has not been released at the request of the family.


Rest Easy Brothers, your fight was for a noble cause and your service and sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Military Brotherhood

The other nite I witnessed an awesome display of military brotherhood. I had the sad privilege of attending a ceremony to witness a Soldier's casket being placed into a C-17 for transport to the mortuary at Dover AFB. While it was not mandatory the attendance was high and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

            We arrived at the appointed time and formed up into a group with the Army personnel. To our left was a group of the Canadian's, once we were formed up we were marched to the rear of the aircraft where we formed a line several rows deep, then the Canadians marched in and formed up across from us. Then followed numerous other countries who formed up. Once everyone was in place a hummer arrived and the pall bearer detail approached and removed the casket. We all saluted and held our salute until the procession was on the aircraft. The priest led the small procession down the tarmac infront of us and into the aircraft while a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace followed. I had the fortune of being in the front row of the formation, and as the casket passed and the piper played I felt a chill run through my body.


While I don't know the name of the young man who was sent off, I do know that he was a military brother. God Speed My Brother, until we meet again on Fiddler's Green.

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Day in the War

Well, sometimes it seems hard to believe that we are in a war zone and in danger but it is a busy life over here. I am not anywhere as dangerous as many others who are here. I came in w/ a young man from the mid west who is a military policeman with a guard unit. He is 21 years old and will be heading out to somewhere in Afghanistan where others in his unit already are. He has no idea when they will be sent home. I feel fortunate to only be here a short period. Though we work 12 hours a day plus some additional duties it's really not all that bad. The chow is pretty good and the living conditions are OK. They are not five star but they are survivable for the time I am here.

I am unable to access my blog from here so everything must be sent via e-mail which means I can't proof the syntax on how things display and I am can not add photos.

Also, I wanted to thank my fellow blogger gazing at the flag for her warm wishes and the great care package!

From somewhere in Afganistan Chuck AKA Tully Mars Sends.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I have arrived at my destination. More info and photos when I am a little more awake and refreshed.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In the Suck

Welcome to "The Suck", I am at my final stop off from Commercial Air waiting for MilAir to get me the rest of the way. Will update more when I get where I need to be which should be within a day. I now know where the phrase "Welcome to the Suck" comes from, accomedations etc are not the best but could be a whole lot worse. The weather isn't real bad and there aren't any bugs so that is a good thing.
Thanks to all who are thinking of me and praying for my safe journey.
Tully Mars signing out from "The Suck"