Friday, March 30, 2007

Ready to Roll

I am basically ready to go now. 90 to 95% of my stuff is packed, all the paperwork is done. Now it is hitting home and I am realizing how much I will miss my wife and how much she will miss me. Yes we do need a break from each other but before this the longest I have been gone is about 3 weeks and that was only to Mississippi and we chatted on IM every nite. This will be a longer time but we'll get through it. I am reminded of those who go for a year or longer so I feel fortunate. I also think back to the men who went off to WWII. They had no phone or e-mail, they didn't get 2 weeks mid cycle to come home, they left to do a job and some came back 4 years later. They had mail but it probably took over a month to get there. We have it pretty soft I guess so I certainly can't complain. So I am standing ready to roll and am prepared to go forth and slay the dragons if required. More later, maybe tommorrow or maybe enroute if possible.

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