Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hero's & Losers

Today we will show some of the ordinary hero's and extraordinary losers!

1st we have two Muslims who are British Soldiers who after learning that they were the subject of a plot by Scumbag Tango's to kidnap, torture & behead them in the same manor as they have done w/ with others captured in Iraq they volunteered to act as bait to help the cops catch the tangos! These men have a huge set on them and are an excellent example of the fine troops in the UK. More info is Here

On the Loser front we have the typical moronic peace protestors who instead of protesting the people responsible for sending the troops into harms way they instead not only protest the troops themselves but are vicious in their comments and cat calls to them. These folks are truely losers. Here's a link to the video over on Semper Gratus

Of course in life often times the hero's out number the losers by a large margin which is why we are such a great country.

Here is a copy of a letter to the N Y Times concerning it's publishing a photo of a mortally wounded US Soldier. This letter is from Lieutenant General Raymond T. Odierno, commander of Multinational Corps-Iraq. I hope that the General will allow the use of the signed agreement so the family can pursue legal action against the NYT if they choose. This of course is just another example of the "above the law" mentality of the sensationalist driven MSM.

Here is a story from Michael Yon of a true hero and Martyr in Iraq. Apparently a loser Tango dressed as a woman and strapped on a bomb vest complete with ball bearings. His plot was to enter a Mosgue while people were engaged in prayer Fortunatly an ordinary villager saw thru the Tango's disguise and though he had no weapon not even a large rock or stick so he ran to the scumbag and grabbed him in a bear hug stopping him in his tracks. The tango chose to detonate his vest at this time killing the man who stopped him. A true martyr this man gave his own life to save hundreds by forcing the detonation in an empty ally instead of in the mosque.

OK. If you are still reading I'm surprised, I saved the best loser for last. This idiot must be the worst burglar in the world. Check out the video Here. He breaks in thru the roof, falls onto the shelves, then can't get out! He ends up locked up by the cops!

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