Thursday, February 08, 2007

God Speed Brothers

This past couple of weeks have been difficult for the fire service in this country and in Canada. I pray that God comforts my brothers during this difficult time.

January ended horribly for the members of the Ghent Area Volunteer FD in West Virginia, a call at 10:43am on the 30th reporting a propane gas leak at a general store and gas station turned deadly at 10:55 as the first due engine arrived on the scene. As they entered the parking lot a huge explosion rocked the store and threw the engine like it was a toy. FF Frederick Allen Burroughs & FF/EMT Craig Lawrence Dorsey were killed instantly along with two men who were working on the leaking propane tank.

Sunday Feb 4th brought tragedy to the small town of Washington Twp in western PA. A roof collapse at a house fire trapped 2 firefighters inside the structure. Killed in the collapse was FF Jeremy Charles LaBella, FF George McMillen was injured but survived the collapse.

On this same day, tragedy struck in Winnipeg Canada, 4 firefighters were seriously injured in what officials suspect was a flashover while fighting a fire in a dwelling. Two of the 4 died the following day from their injuries.

Yesterday brought tragedy to Detroit MI fire department when Engine 17 was struck by a civilian vehicle while enroute to an alarm. FF Joe Torkos who was operating the engine at the time of the crash was killed along with one person in the civilian vehicle.

Rest Easy brothers.

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