Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Overnite Weekend

I don't know what I do this but it's better to work Midnites Fri & Sat nites close to home than to work 7a to 3p Sat & Sun at a crappy construction site farther away. Guess I might even start to get used to working overnite.

Other things have come to my attention lately

1. My uncle racked up over $790 in the fines in the previous post. He has led an interesting life.

2. Check out This out. A local bank has branches in almost everystore of a local supermarket, plus has stand alone branches as well. The stand alone ones have an interlocking door system, the outer door will not open if the inner door is open and vice versa. So when someone robs the place they just lock them in between the doors and trip the alarm. Well that's what happened to this guy!

3. This is a really crappy way to go.

So, that should be some good reading for now, as always check out two of my favorite blogs. Army Wife Toddler Mom & Blackfive

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