Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vicki Update

Vicki is at home and doing well. We are extremely grateful to the wonderful staff at Avondale EMS, Medic 94, and Christiana Hospital. We learned a lot with this ordeal and I am sure we will continue to learn more as we go along with it.

The one major thing we want to share are the symptoms of a heart attack especailly in Women. Just because you don't have the crushing chest pain that the TV has taught us is a heart attack you could still be having one. Her symptoms started as jaw and throat pain w/ no other symptoms, no nausea, no sweating, nothing like that. It didn't move into the chest for a while but she had 1 artery 100% blocked. The cardiac staff advised us that this is very common in women and the sweating and nausea most times depend on which part of the heart is involved.

So now we begin a new journey of new eating habits, more doctors, and stopping smoking. It will be a long road but we will get through it like we have everything else that has come our way.

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