Sunday, January 28, 2007

The State of My Union

Things here are busy so I haven't had much time to blog. Vicki is doing better but still restricted until we see the cardiologist on the 12th. So I have picked up the slack to help out. This weekend was interesting, I guess my part time boss put me on the S list for taking the weekend off that Vicki had her heart attack so I had to keep asking for hours this week. Well when he finally responded on Fri around lunch he had 2300 to 0700 available at a school construction site for Fri & Sat nite. So I spent my nites sitting in the car at a construction site, it wasn't so bad but it was cold Fri nite out there.

Meanwhile I did have a little time to read some of our friend Capt Mark's new book he's working on. Check it out Here

Also if you are making plans for this summer in my area check out Blue Crab Charters located in beautiful scenic Rock Hall, it's really not that far from the Philly area as far as travel time but it's worlds away from our hustle and bustle.

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