Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cpl Jason Dunham - American Hero!

Many of us like to think that we would react bravely in the face of danger and do the right thing even if it meant giving our life, most of us will never be tested this way and will never truly know how we will act or react and if we truly are capable of doing the right thing. This young warrior was faced with that choice and reacted honorably and courageously.

Corporal Jason Dunham USMC will posthumously be awarded the Medal of Honor on Thursday 11 Jan 07 at the Whitehouse. It is fitting that his parents will receive their son’s medal. They too deserve a medal for raising such a fine young man who gave his life to save the lives of his fellow Marines. Back on 14 April 06 Cpl Dunham was leading 13 other young warriors in Karabilah Iraq. When they received word that another group of Marines had been ambushed and injured nearby. Cpl Dunham and his crew quickly responded to the area. The rest of the story is best told by Cassandra at I Love Jet Noise.

Corporal Dunham, a Job Well Done Marine. Semper Fi!

Mr & Mrs Dunham, thank you for raising such a fine young man and for his service as well as yours.

Until we meet on Fiddler’s Green, Carry On Marine, God Speed.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society

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