Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Three Kings

Check out Major Z @ From My Position On the Way has This great post about three wounded heros at Walter Reed.

Lt Stadklev is an officer I would follow thru the gates of hell, when he and his men found a body dressed like a subject they were searching for they checked it from a distance for booby traps then Lt Stadklev led from the front like a true warrior and approached the body by himself while his men stayed at a safe distance. As he neared the body his whole world exploded. His actions saved his men from serious injury but resulted in him being seriously wounded and shipped to WRAMC in DC. Like a true warrior leader his concern is getting back to his men.

PFC Stephen Hopkins is a medic in the MD National Guard, while deployed in Iraq PFC Hopkins has his hand crushed by a vehicle. He however is more concerned about others getting help they need then himself. A true warrior and a true caregiver

SPC Bruce Dunlap was working a route clearing mission in Iraq when he was hit by a large IED. This seriously wounded warrior's comment to Major Z was “I hope the enemy does read your blog. They’ll see me and it’ll be a great big “up yours! You missed, you failed, I’m still here!” That's the warrior spirit that makes our military great. I am proud to call these men brothers, although my service is a lot more tame and a lot safer than theirs. They truly are 3 kings and are just a small part of the group of warriors who are protecting our freedoms everyday.

So, please take a few moments to check out Major Z's blog and send these heros a short note.

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