Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New year

New Years Eve 2006, 6 and a half hours we will enter 2007 whether we want to or not. For many it’s been a wonderful year and for others a year they would soon forget. We here at our house are kind of in the middle, we have been to a place we hope to one day call home and loved every single minute of it, but we have lost much this year and have had a pretty rough time of it too. So I’d like to bring family, friends, and the casual observers of my blog a year in review.

January brought a new year and new things. We spent our usual quiet new years eve at home by ourselves and we prepared for our trip of a lifetime to the islands. Meanwhile my job kept me busy w/ preparations for two inspections.

February 11th found us anxiously watching TV as a snow storm headed toward us threatening to mess up weekend travel plans, what had only days before been rain or a whole lot of nothing was now threatening our leaving this frozen burg for warmer climates. The 12th found us with a major snow storm on our hands and a flight to catch in Philly. Checks of the airport’s website and USAIR’s web site showed the flight was still a go so we braved the roads and headed to the airport. We arrived and were told that the flight was delayed and probably would be cancelled. They asked if we wanted to reschedule and my only question was can we reschedule to return flight so as not to miss any island time. So we rescheduled for the following day and sat down to let the roads improve and to call our Capt with our change of plans. Fortunately he was stranded in Baltimore so he wasn’t waiting for us on the boat. Sunday came and we headed off to Fun & Sun. Check out our Caribbean Adventure Blog for more details on our trip.
March found us mourning the death of our beloved cat Little Bit and me working hard to prepare for inspection number 1 in May. April was pretty much the same and then in May our beloved German Shepherd Lady passed away at 11 years old. We still miss her even though we adopted big Zioux shortly after she passed away, it wasn’t planned but he filled some of the void of not having a dog around the house. The inspection went well and there was a little bit of quiet time at work for the rest of May then it was onward to the next one which was focusing strictly on my work not on the unit as a whole. That inspection in Mid July went well and I was off to Portsmouth NH for a week of training which was a nice break. We also went to the wedding of our good friend’s son and had a great time.
August found us working on things around the house and talking with Dr Park @ the Graduate pain center in Philly for a solution for Vicki’s back. His solution was a spinal stimulator which would block the pain impulses to the brain and allow Vicki to walk again. So after seeing a shrink and a few other things Vicki had the trial one implanted in September for one week. This went very well and gave her back her mobility to the point that she didn’t want to give it back. Once it was out we had to wait one month before we could decide to have the permanent one put it. Needless to say she opted for the permanent one and had surgery on Nov 3rd. So far things are going well with it and she hopes to have much more mobility and less pain in the new year.
December came once again but this year it was much warmer than usual and once again Chuck was busy at work and Vicki was busy with the Christmas details. We managed to get a card out to family and friends, make lots of sweets, get the decorating done and even get a few presents. So once again we are back at the end of one year and the start of a new one. We wish you and your family a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed new year.

Please remember our troops who are far from those they love as they start this new year.

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