Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

Today we are putting the finishing touches on our holiday. The turkey is cooking, the sweet potato cassarole is cooked, and the watergate salad will soon be made. We are off to have dinner w/ friends tonite and will take those items with us along with gifts for them and their grandkids. I have wrapped Vicki's presents and even Zioux is getting a couple gifts this year. Then it will all be over and it's back to work for a couple days. The image above is out dream christmas in a couple of years.

After the new year I have plenty to keep me busy at work and some possible travel to FLA in Feb for a week. Then the big push will be heading over to the war for a bit in April.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and to remind everyone to remember our troops who are far from family and loved ones this year. Here's a poem for everyone.

"My Lonely Christmas"

As I lay down to sleep, this eve of Christmas morn,'
I slide between the cotton sheets so comfortable and warm.

A tinge of guilt comes over me followed by a saddened tear.
I say another lonely prayer that only God can hear.

I turn the bedside light off and quickly settle in,
but it will be a few more hours before my night comes to an end.

I lie here all but motionless, eyes wider than the sky.
I try to think of happy thoughts, but I still break down and cry.

I punch my flattened pillow and lie flat on my back.
I'm thinking of my soldier who's bravely serving in Iraq.

I finally stop my crying and a calm sets in my heart.
For, I know this year will quickly pass, then we'll no longer be apart.

My eyes are feeling heavy now, so I send God one last prayer.
"God, please protect my soldier while fighting over there!"

© 2005 Bradley A Peraino
Used with permission

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