Saturday, November 04, 2006

The surgery went well and as usual the Doc and the staff @ Graduate were top notch. To beat traffic we arrived around 0830 for our 9:15 appointment. The staff got us registered and we went up stairs to pre-op after a little while. This time the IV went much better, and things were looking up. Tracy the nurse was great and is from our part of PA and we had a great time talking with her. This time things took a little longer to do since it involved cutting a pocket for the stim battery and cutting again to place the leads. They had to wake Vicki up to make sure the leads were right and that caused a bit of pain but nurse Bob was there to take care of her and then they gave her a little more happy juice and she was back to dreamland.

Today Vicki is sore but moving around a bit within the restrictions, no lifting, bending, reaching above the head, or twisting. It will take 6 weeks for her to completely heal.

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