Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sick & Tired!

I am sick and tired of these idiots who think our men and women in uniform are stupid uneducated morons w/ no options in life who join the military for a way out.

I saw a story on my local news that a church was collecting "Silly String" for marines in Iraq. No they weren't planning a big blow out party, they spray silly string into doorways and into rooms to check for trip wires. Pretty amazing that uneducated morons thought that up huh.

Check out Sgt Hook's post about the people he bets his life on.

Let me tell you from experience there are some damn fine young men and women in the military today who could triple their salary if they got out. However, they do it for the honor that comes with serving this great nation. A very close friend of mine's son is in the Navy, he could be working in a swanky hotel right now as a manager or assistant manager on his way to the top but instead he is protecting our great country and the way of life we all enjoy.

So John Kerry & Charles Rangel and anyone else who would like to make comments like that, how bout you have a big helping of Shut the F$*# Up!

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