Sunday, November 19, 2006

God Speed FF Mike Browne

Got this from The Secret List

During severe weather, and what turned out to be a tornado, Delco-Riegelwood (N.C.) Firefighter Browne received and was responding to an EMS run. As he was departing from his residence, the area was hit by the tornado and FF Browne was killed while enroute. Mike’s three-year-old daughter suffered severe injuries but survived. His father and stepmother were killed. His chief says Mike was ready for the call to duty. He just couldn't get out in time. "He was getting his clothes on and headed that way," the Chief said. "He was getting his family out and he was enroute to the station. All of them were dressed like they were getting ready to leave." His Brother firefighters say Mike was a dedicated firefighter and a devoted father. His little girl was found in a ditch, but was alive.
Our deepest sympathies to all affected.
The Secret List 11-17-06 2255 Hours
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Rest Easy Brother, your brothers and sisters in the fire service will care for your little girl.

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