Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Fallout

Well it's official Rummy is out which might not be a bad thing. In local elections Curt Weldon is out which is a very bad thing for PA & for the nation. Curt has been a great supporter of the military and of the fire service who are the nation's first line of homeland security. Santorum is out which has me on the fence. Rick has been good to the military over his term but the last couple of times he replied to my letters, I was disappointed on the lack of focus and at one time total lack of meaning in the letter.

Anyways, it's a rainy day here and we are both feeling a little grumpy. Vicki's pain is decreasing for the most part but she still has trouble getting comfortable and her legs are swelling a lot. Hopefully she will feel better as Fri will make a week into the healing process w/ only 5 weeks to go.

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