Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election Day 2006

This Tuesday we cast our votes for those who will represent us in the halls of the State and US legislative branches. Tuesday we must take into consideration the advertisements, the letters, the hand outs, the articles, and all of the other factors to decide who will best represent our ideas, our beliefs, and our very way of life. It’s not about which party the person belongs to, it’s not about how they look in a suit, it’s not about if they are pro-this or anti-that. Tuesday is about making an educated decision about the people you feel will be the best to represent you, your family and your community for the next four years or longer. Below are a few resources to help you better make your decision about the candidates in your particular political races.

League of Women Voters

The Center for Voting and Democracy

Project Vote Smart


If you are sitting there on Election day thinking "It's too much trouble" or "My Vote Doesn't Count", or any other sorry assed excuse for not voting, I have one small statement for you, "Get off your lazy ass and get out and vote!" Voting is not something to take for granted, there are thousands in our country who can no longer vote, there are millions around the world who would give their life to be able to vote, so don't be a typical American slacker, GET OUT AND VOTE!

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